Aluminium cut to length
Aluminium de-coiling


Aluminium cut to length

At Kloeckner we have many years of experience in offering Aluminium products and services, so we decided to expand our processing portfolio even further by offering Aluminium de-coiling to your bespoke requirements. Our new cut-to-length service will allow you to source bespoke material by giving you opportunity to choose from various material thicknesses, width, length and grades.


When purchasing material closer to your net-shape required, cut-to-length service brings many benefits which include:

  • Better yield
  • Material savings up to 15%
  • Supply of longer length material in one piece construction (no need for welding)
  • Reduction in handling and processing (welding, cutting or forming)
  • Ability to print cast numbers, parts numbers, project names and other information on the b-side of the material
  • Lead time 3-5 days

Aluminium coil stock range:

Thickness Width 1050 3003 5251 Novelis J57S UP®
1.5mm 1000
1.5mm 1250
1.5mm 1500
2mm 1000
2mm 1250
2mm 1500
3mm 1000
3mm 1250
3mm 1500



  •  1050 & 3003 are produced to temper H14/H24

   Aluminium coils are produced to the following EN  standards:

  • EN 485 – 2 – Mechanical Properties
  • EN 485 – 4 – Tolerance for Cold Rolled
  • EN 573 – 3 – Chemical Compositions
  • Complete with a Test Cert to 10204 3.1


  • 1050 used in general sheet metal work, construction cladding, rain screens and trims
  • 3003 used in ductwork, general sheet metal work, panels, cases, enclosures, framing and bracketing systems
  • 5251  used in architectural, facades, marine and transport
  • Novelis J57S UP 5005AQ anodising quality aluminium – used for facades

Coating options

In addition to cut-to-length service we can also offer paper inter-leaved, laser coated, vinyl coated or un-coated Aluminium sheets.

If you have any questions or about the process or would like to place an order, please get in touch below.

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