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Kloeckner Metals UK, is part of the Klöckner & Co. SE Group, and has a strong policy of Compliance. This means all employees are required to behave in accordance with all legal rules and regulations as well as any company or national guidelines. To achieve this, the company is founded around a corporate culture of trust; identifying and reducing risks before potential violations occur and instituting preventative measures to ensure a competitive edge through compliant procedures.

The key topics addressed include:

  • Competition Law
  • Anti-Corruption
  • Data Protection

The company has three areas of focus to ensure the organisation operates in the correct manner: Prevention, Discovery and Reporting/Reaction. Klöckner & Co.’s Code of Conduct provides more detail on the core principles that the company has adopted, and can be downloaded here.

Should you wish for more information please contact:
UK National Compliance Officer: Kristel Graham t: 0113 254 1300
Compliance Officer: Tracey McQuade t: 0113 254 1327
National Compliance Office Chart

Corporate Compliance Office:
Ralf Oberhuber t: +(00) 49 203 307 2119
Moritz Fischer t: +(00) 49 203 307 2116
Corporate Compliance Office Organisation Chart

Whistleblowing Tool:

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