Learn first-hand from Kloeckner Metals UK’s Alastair Chipp about how he has grown within the company by taking advantage of the Learning and Development opportunities offered at the organisation over the years. Four promotions over the past seven years at Kloeckner has led to him becoming the Digital Transformation Manager today.

I started my working career at Kloeckner Metals as a Sales Apprentice at the age of 17. Looking back now, while I had multiple options of where to start my working life, I genuinely believe that I could not have made a better choice than joining Kloeckner. The support, Learning and Development opportunities and recognition of hard work that I have received has been second to none – and has allowed me to secure four promotions in my seven years of working here.

Taking advantage of just some of the Learning & Development opportunities that Kloeckner has to offer – such as CLEAR Sales Training, Solution Selling, Digital Academy and multiple workshops on products, services and technologies, has really allowed me to nurture my own knowledge and apply it in such a way that I can make the most of the opportunities I have at my disposal.

Developing my career at Kloeckner has also allowed me to gain excellent exposure on all sides of the business, giving me the opportunity to expand beyond my chosen line of work. My first years at Kloeckner I enjoyed a fast paced, exciting and rewarding career in Sales which saw me progress from Sales Apprentice to Sales Executive and then on to Senior Technical Sales Executive. After this, the range of diverse opportunities throughout Kloeckner, allowed my other talents and specialities to be recognised across the business, and I had opportunities to join an array of different departments if I wanted, or continue to progress my career in Sales!

In fact, I joined the Digitalisation department as a Digital Business Executive where I enjoyed a year of exciting and interesting work, collaborating with some brilliant people across Europe and America. From here, my talents and hard work were once again recognised as I was then promoted to Digital Transformation Manager for the UK, where I continue to love my job and the people that I work with every day!

I am still thoroughly enjoying the development opportunities that Kloeckner continues to present to me today. I am currently taking part in another excellent and exciting development opportunity – the global Emerging Leaders Programme – where the top talents of each country are given industry-leading and renowned training and development towards attaining Senior Leadership positions across the business.

For anyone who is considering joining us at Kloeckner UK, I would seriously recommend doing so. The work can be tough at times – but the opportunities, the rewards, and most of all the people – make it all very worthwhile.

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