With the popularity of modern architecture on the rise, and our focus on being a forward thinking company, we now have an opportunity to showcase our vast range of steel products and their dynamic uses within a new and developing industry.

Within modern architecture, an overriding characteristic of all projects is the honesty given to materials used. These materials include glass, wood, concrete, and more and more frequently, steel. The design of the building gives justice to the materials, not overshadowing them, whilst remaining relative to the present day and aligning with the surroundings. 

One of our top products is COR-TEN, an extremely durable steel product, which works in harmony with the essence of modern architecture. It is strong and durable, which is needed during the construction of a building and relates well to the simplistic characteristic as it is a low maintenance steel. The high strength, low alloy, weldable structure of COR-TEN allows the material to be exposed to more extreme weather conditions than others. This type of steel develops its own protective film which improves its longevity and in turn contributes to lower maintenance costs further down the line.

Now that the popularity of modern architecture is growing, there is more demand for materials that offer these characteristics whilst also being able to provide an aesthetically pleasing look within building designs.

Our work with Barrow House

At Kloeckner Metals UK we love being involved in new and exciting projects that enable us to use the best of our expertise and really make a difference. Recently, we have been involved in the design and implementation of Barrow House, alongside ID Architecture, which is situated in the Lincolnshire Wolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The house was proposed to allow a modern style of living to suit a young family who wish to live, work whilst being able to enjoy the Lincolnshire Wolds.

This project was an incredible opportunity for them to create an innovative, sustainable and beautiful modern home which would contribute to the enhancement of its immediate surroundings and landscape. Architecturally, the home had a design that was to be defined by its traditional character, but finished in an exceptionally innovative way. Throughout the design process it was established that the use of specific material was a contributing factor in ensuring that Barrow House sat exquisitely within its landscape.

How are we involved?

Kloeckner Metals UK supplied COR-TEN to ID Architecture for this project and it was used to clad the outside of the barn. COR-TEN was the ideal material for the job due its diverse and durable nature, particularly because the barn will be exposed to a range of weather conditions and COR-TEN ensures that continuous maintenance isn’t required. The cladding was applied in a terracotta colour which weathered to emulate a brick and pan tile texture. The new COR-TEN construction follows the same language in keeping with existing red brick buildings within the area.

Kloeckner Metals UK work within modern architecture is a great accumulation of our innovative and expertise solutions, along with exceptional and sustainable design. Modern architecture is simple and effective and needs strong, durable materials with great integrity to carry out the desired effect of the design.

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