At Kloeckner Metals UK, our people always come first. We believe in investing in our employees’ wellbeing, their personal and professional development, their safety and their mental health. This is what has led us to launch various initiatives to promote a better work-life balance and to ensure that our employees get the help they require to deal with their problems in healthy ways.

Here are three main initiatives that are aimed at improving the overall wellbeing of our employees:

Building a Culture of Acceptance at Kloeckner

At Kloeckner we believe that mental health awareness is the first step towards getting the help required, and, for that to happen, we saw the need to create a culture of acceptance. In order to do so, we had to encourage conversations on the subject so that mental health issues were not considered a ‘taboo’ subject. This is what led us to start offering our employees mental health awareness sessions along with online tutorials so that they could learn more at their own convenience.  Through such initiatives, we try to increase awareness so that the ones who need help can identify the problem and get the support they need.

Employee Assistance Programme via Health Assured:

At Kloeckner we take our employees’ problems seriously. We know that their personal problems might adversely impact their work performance and their overall wellbeing. Hence, we offer all our employees the Employee Assistance Programme via Health Assured. It is designed to help deal with personal and professional problems that could be affecting home life or work life, health and general wellbeing.

The Employee Assistance Programme not only covers our employees, but also their immediate family members who may be facing problems. The counsellors available through Health Assured can deliver a range of trauma-specific interventions to help our employees deal with their problems and improve their wellbeing.

Here are some of the facilities we provide for our employees through the Employee Assistance Programme:

  • Our employees get 24/7 support via counselling, legal and information lines
  • Telephone support for critical incident advice
  • Access to an online health portal and the My Healthy Advantage app
  • Support for relationship management
  • Management support line and counselling
  • Manager support guides

Mental Health First Aiders

In addition to the Employee Assistance Programme, we have also trained over 40 of our team members as Mental Health First Aiders with the support of Mental Health First Aid England. These employees are trained not only to support their own wellbeing, but also to support that of the others around them. They receive training on identifying mental ill health and providing support by listening in a non-judgemental manner and by encouraging employees to get professional help.

Additionally, our Mental Health First Aiders get together every two months to discuss trends, experiences and to explore different ways in which they can support employees.

Creating a Positive Working Environment

Our focus on employee wellbeing has helped us create a positive working environment. This is highlighted through Kloeckner Metals UK’s rating on Indeed. Over the past two years, our ratings have improved by 20% and employees have voted it as a positive working environment, strongly focused on health and safety. They also said that they found the work environment to be friendly and helpful.

Additionally, our employees said that Kloeckner is a great place to work with innovative and forward-thinking ideas. In an internal employee survey conducted by Kloeckner, it was found that the vast majority of staff said that:

  • They have trust in the management;
  • Their direct supervisor treats them with respect;
  • Their team works well together;
  • They like working at Kloeckner Metals UK;
  • They are generally satisfied with the work atmosphere in their department.

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