Daniel Loucas Talks About His Journey at Kloeckner Metals UK

Daniel Loucas joined the Westok team at Kloeckner Metals UK as a welder. Three years in, he is now the Contracts Team Lead for the Westok division. Learn first-hand from Daniel about how he has taken the initiative and developed his skills through Kloeckner’s ‘Learning and Development’ programme and grown within the company.

I began my journey at Kloeckner Metals UK as a welder within our Westok division. Initially I hadn’t expected this role to be any different to similar roles I had carried out within this industry, however I quickly realised that there were many opportunities in front of me if I was willing to put in the work and commit myself to learning new skills.

My first opportunity to progress with Kloeckner came after four months of being in the company. A position for a Contracts Manager became available and after a conversation with my supervisor I was immediately encouraged to apply for the role. The company recognised my hard work and enthusiasm and were very supportive in my pursuit of a new career.

After successfully being hired as a Contracts Manager I was given the opportunity to take part in our CLEAR Sales Training. Although my role is not a sales-based role, it gave me a tremendous insight into how to communicate with suppliers, customers and also with my own colleagues. Given my background this training was immensely beneficial to me.

After six weeks into my new role a position opened for a Contracts Team Leader and after a successful interview, I was offered the position.

I was given the opportunity to take part in our Effective People Management course and this was a real turning point in my development. I went in to the course with serious doubts as to whether I had the skills and knowledge to carry out a role in management. I left the course with a renewed sense of confidence and belief. The Effective People Management training course was the single most important lesson I have taken in my working life.

I continue to do the role after three years with the company and in that time I have enrolled on the ILM Leadership Programme. I have successfully completed our Equality and Diversity Training programme as well as our HR Essentials.

I have had the opportunity to complete a First Aid course run by St John’s Ambulance and Fire Marshall training again with St John’s Ambulance. All of which are accredited training courses.

I have a genuine love for what I do for a living and no longer spend my days wondering what my future will be. Given the training and opportunities made available to me at Kloeckner I am now able to forge my own path.

For anyone considering joining us at Kloeckner UK I would highly recommend doing so. If you are looking for a company that will push you and support your growth, and wish to work with amazing people, then we are definitely the choice for you. The opportunities in front of you are endless.

Learn more about the open positions at Kloeckner Metals UK here.



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