Our Movember Campaign unites our community in the mission to create awareness on men’s health in various ways. The Movember Campaign is just one of the many corporate ‘Kloeckner cares’ impact programmes we are participating in as a company.


Men’s health often gets overlooked. Data from the past five years indicates that prostate cancer cases have increased and it is the most common cancer among men (Cancer Research UK). Testicular cancer is also one of the most diagnosed cancers in young men (Movember). Additionally, there are other lifestyle factors that impact men’s mental health and nearly three quarters of deaths by suicide are men (Movember).

#KloecknerCares: In order to increase awareness about men’s health issues, this #Movember, we were supporting and raising awareness about men’s health in various ways:

  • All our trucks sported a moustache.
  • Our team developed the Movember Quiz to raise awareness and help you check how much you know about Men’s health.
  • Every time someone took the Quiz, Kloeckner Metals UK donated £5 to the Blue Ribbon Foundation. Our contribution is now £1000.
  • Many of our team members also sported a moustache: #WatchThisSpace


We created a quiz for our community, to test their knowledge on various issues such as prostate cancer, men’s suicide and mental health amongst men. Of all the respondents who took part, less than 13% were able to get all their responses right. It also highlighted that more than half of the responders (50.8%) believed that only men were at risk of getting prostate cancer, completely unaware that trans women, Non-binary people who were assigned male at birth and some intersex people were also at risk of prostate cancer.

Another shocking revelation was when we asked the respondents what the most well-established risk factor for testicular cancer is. Only 13.8% got it right and answered Cryptorchidism. 65.9% believed that it was unusual growths, while 13.8% believed that it was genetics and 6.5% believed that it was a rash in the area.

The results highlight that while there is a growing awareness on men’s health issues, there is a lot more to be done to educate audiences and raise awareness on vital issues like men’s suicide, mental health and prostate cancer. We are delighted that our Quiz helped raise awareness, however, that’s just a drop in the ocean.

Jonathan Prince MBE – The Blue Ribbon Foundation

"Wow.  We are really grateful to Kloeckner, your Kloeckner Cares campaign and of course all your staff for two reasons.  Firstly for their wonderful donation of £1,000 to the Foundation and didn’t those vans look very manly with their moustaches!  But secondly for the results of your Men’s Health Quiz.  It always amazes us that men in general don’t do health and the results of your quiz confirms it.  As I understand that only some 13% of respondents got all their answers correct.  Ask a man what his prostate does and most don’t know – if you don’t know go look it up.  And because a lot of men don’t look after their health and well-being enough, statistics show that men are twice as likely as women to be dead by the age of 65!”


We also used the Kloeckner Metals UK handle to create awareness on our social channels. Below are some of the posts that helped us raise awareness on Movember:


Our team members showed their commitment to raising awareness by growing moustaches. Here are some of our employees with their moustaches:

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