Kloeckner Invests in HVO Trucks for Improved Safety and Efficiency

At Kloeckner we follow a culture of ‘Safety 1st’, meaning we put the safety of our employees, visitors, contractors and suppliers above everything else. Keeping in line with this, we recently invested in a line of HVO trucks. After careful consideration, we went with the New Generation DAF XD as they promise unequalled safety for our drivers and others on the road. Here are some of the safety features of our new HVO trucks:

Exceptional View for Drivers

Our new HVO trucks give the driver an excellent direct and indirect view of everything on the road, which is essential for preventing accidents, especially in urban areas. Here’s how they do it:
  • The exceptionally low belt line allows for larger windscreens and side windows.
  • The kerb view window option provides an unobstructed view of people/objects next to the vehicle.
  • The DAF digital vision system replaces the usual main and wide-angle mirrors with cameras mounted on foldable arms, offering optimal indirect and direct views and helping with easy and safe manoeuvring
  • The DAF corner view option gives the driver a perfect view of what’s happening around the truck’s co-driver side. 

Safety Features

These trucks are equipped with a wide range of functions that promote safety, including:

  • a near-side radar system to help the driver avoid contact with other road users
  • a reversing camera, proximity sensors and an audible reversing alarm
  • amber halo lights that illuminate both sides of the vehicle at speeds below 18 mph and when stationary  
  • an onboard tracking system – Telematics – equipped with forward-facing and in-cab cameras to detect driver fatigue and provide alerts
  • fall arrest straps on the body of the truck to protect drivers from falling while working on the vehicle platform
  • Brake Assist, City Turn Assist, emergency brake lights, a lane departure warning system and an audible warning alert for left and right turns.

Efficient and Ultra-Clean

Our new HVO trucks are fuel-efficient, too – the exceptional cab aerodynamics, PACCAR MX-11 engine and driveline, and advanced driver assistance systems result in fuel efficiency and low CO₂ emissions.

Fuelled by HVO renewable diesel, the new trucks can deliver up to 90% ‘well-to-wheel’ CO₂ emissions reduction compared to conventional diesel trucks.

GOLD and SILVER FORS Accredited

Safety 1st is our top priority at Kloeckner Metals UK, and we are extremely proud that three of our sites – Leeds, Thurrock and Dudley – are now GOLD and SILVER accredited under FORS (the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme). These certificates are a testament to our company’s transport activities and show that we are ‘achieving exemplary levels of best practice in safety, efficiency and environmental protection’.

To learn more about our ‘Safety 1st’ culture, please check our website 

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