The nuclear sector has various requirements for its supply chains. Many companies in the UK are unable to match the standards and prerequisites of this demanding sector. This is mainly due to the fact that no new nuclear power plant has been constructed in the UK for a generation. But with the UK nuclear new build programme, this is rapidly changing and the opportunities to create employment and increase business are numerous for companies that can supply products and services that match the high standard of requirements for the industry. Let’s understand a little bit more about the nuclear sector in the UK and the various needs of the sector:


The nuclear energy sector in the UK is responsible for generating about 20% of the UK’s electricity. But according to the data, almost half of the current capacity will be retired by 2025. In order to make up for this, the UK has privatised power generation and liberalised its energy market and construction of a new generation of nuclear plants has started. This has led to a rise in demand for various suppliers who can meet the needs of the industry and provide the raw materials and services required in the construction and setting up of these nuclear energy plants. The capital expenditure forecast is predicted to be between £60 to £80 billion over the next 20 years. In order to benefit from the industry, companies will have to adapt their processes and culture to the high-quality safety standards expected by the nuclear sector.


At Kloeckner Metals UK we are known as one of the leading multi-metal stockholders and processing suppliers in the UK for the construction sector and other high integrity sectors like nuclear. We have almost 10 years of experience in actively supporting the reactor maintenance programme at Hinkley Point B and we are a key partner in the manufacture of 3m³ waste containers for the UK’s largest waste retrievals programme.

Hinkley point C (Image courtesy of EDF)

We have also been active supporters of the UK’s nuclear activities including decommissioning, new-build and power generation requirements. Years of experience supplying to this demanding sector has recently led us to securing a multi-million pound contract by BYLOR to produce embedment sleeves for Hinkley Point C.

Kloeckner Metals UK is part of the global Klöckner & Co Group and is certified with Fit 4 Nuclear status (F4N), which showcases our commitment to continuously improve operational standards in line with nuclear requirements. Our dedicated team of nuclear experts guides our customers so that they benefit from our nuclear experience and nuclear safety culture. Their extensive experience on working on large projects, allows them to provide support on project management activities within such high integrity sectors.

We are also equipped to support the nuclear industry with additional services like quality/inspection test planning, destructive/non-destructive testing management, and a robust supply chain service through which we carefully protect our customers from counterfeit, fraudulent and suspect items. We can support our customers by holding stock of over 50,000 tonnes of carbon, stainless and aluminium materials, extensive tubular and flat lasering, plasma and waterjet cutting capabilities and a press braking and pipe bending service.

For this latest project at Hinkley, we process the products at our Leeds and Dudley facilities before having them coated at our South West Contractors and shipped to the HPC site for assembly by BYLOR.

Our digital focus enables our customers to access eProcurement solutions that help them stay in control of their supply chain. Through our online platform, our customers can easily order products online, access order documentations and call-off contractual orders, benefiting from transparency and streamlined procurement processes.

More information on digital solutions is available here.


At Kloeckner we have years of experience of working with high integrity sectors like nuclear. In order to ensure that our products and services are compliant with the various requirements of this sector, we have built a Safety 1st company culture along these requirements to ensure continued compliance.


Kloeckner Metals UK has achieved the Fit4Nuclear certification by Nuclear AMR. This F4N certification is a unique service developed by Nuclear AMRC (University of Sheffield) to help UK manufacturing companies make sure that they are equipped to deal with the requirements of the demanding nuclear sector. This certification allows manufacturers across the UK to get ready to bid for work in the nuclear supply chain. It lets companies measure their operations against the standards required to supply the nuclear industry – in new build, operations and decommissioning.


Safety is at the core of everything we do at Kloeckner especially when it comes to our nuclear customers. We have safety procedures in place to ensure that there is protection from harm and make sure that the associated risks are kept under control.  Our 5 elements of Nuclear Safety include:

  • Providing metals of the highest quality to ensure nuclear materials are contained effectively
  • Ensure unambiguous and well communicated documentation and administrative controls
  • Clear and well communicated standards and expectations
  • Employing the right people to do the right job
  • Having principles, values and behaviours which are aligned to a nuclear culture

To find out more about each of these elements click here:

Embedment sleeves produced for Bylor


Our customers from the nuclear sector at Kloeckner Metals UK also benefit from our Total Metals Management service. We understand that high technological sectors require first class service and quality standards while purchasing metal on a project-by-project basis. Each project requires special attention and careful management as they tend to be complex and demanding and require a number of value-added processes to be delivered on a strict timeline and under safe conditions.

Our Total Metals Management service at Kloeckner allows you to focus on your internal efficiencies without having to worry about metal management. Our team at Kloeckner ensures that the materials are tailored to your exact specifications and delivered to your location of choice on time. We provide certainty in quality, cost and lead time, placing you in control of your supply chain. We also provide a dedicated point of contact responsible for your project.


At Kloeckner Metals UK we are dedicated to building a sustainable future by minimising the impact on the planet. It is an integral part of our vision, and we are always working towards delivering sustainable and innovative solutions to all our clients. Due to all our sustainability efforts, Kloeckner Metals UK Westok has also been awarded BCSA Sustainability Charter “Gold Standard” status on the back of our BES 6001 certification.

We are committed to achieving Net Carbon Zero and to help us reach that goal, we have switched to a verified green energy supplier for all our electricity and gas from 2021. When procuring plant, equipment, goods, and services, we consider the impact they will have on energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, we have systems in place to monitor and reduce greenhouse gas intensity within our business operations and are equally committed to reducing the intensity of water usage within our operation.

Find out more in our Sustainability Statement.


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