Kloeckner Westok is the unrivalled market leading supplier of cellular, plated and shallow floor beams across Britain and Ireland.

Westok is delighted to see projects with clear span Westok beams featuring once again in the annual UK Tekla Awards short-list. The UK Tekla Awards create an opportunity to showcase projects modelled in Tekla software, demonstrating best practise use of digital tools in the analysis, design and detailing of steel framed projects. More information can be found here: https://www.tekla.com/uk/bim-awards

Projects featuring Westok beams feature across a variety of sectors, demonstrating the widespread appeal of Westoks in commercially focused design solutions. These projects are highlighted below.

Southmere Library

The concept from the Architect Bisset Adams, is based on the idea of a Swan’s nest, reflecting the wildlife that inhabits the neighbouring lake. A swan’s nest pattern wraps around the cantilevered upper level of the building and a bed of reeds has been created to divide the main space from the Children’s Library.

The project is a fascinating ‘hybrid’ structure, comprising Cross Laminated Timber (CLT), glulam and structural steelwork elements. Westok beams continue to feature prominently in hybrid schemes where best use is made of both structural steelwork and timber framing solutions.

Westok’s in house structural engineers provided technical advice to Engenuiti on the optimised design of cellular beams where they were required in the structure. Although the quantity of Westoks involved was relatively small, the scheme greatly benefits the local community.

Hopefully the project inspires future hybrid steel and CLT solutions at a time when sustainable design and issues related to embodied carbon are becoming increasingly important to clients, end users, architects and engineers.

Imagery from https://www.tekla.com/uk/bim-awards/projects
  • Project name: Southmere Library
  • Company: KLH UK
  • Steel Fabricator: Conder Alslade
  • Consulting Engineer: Engenuiti

Laurus Ryecroft School

Also up for award is Lurus Ryecroft School highlighting Westok’s ongoing work in the Education sector.

This 700t project comprises a new-build two storey, part three storey school for 1350 pupils in Manchester. Kloeckner Westok Engineers assisted Ramboll in the design of the Westoks across various sections of the school, including some attractive 18m Westoks which taper from 936mm to 700mm. Following contract award of the project to BAM Construction, Westok worked closely with Robinson Structures providing ca. 130t of clear span Westok beams.

Imagery from https://www.tekla.com/uk/bim-awards/projects
  • Project name: Laurus Ryecroft School
  • Main Contractor: BAM Construction
  • Steel Fabricator: Robinson Structures
  • Consulting Engineer: Ramboll

Henrietta House

Kloeckner Westok is also proud to be associated with Henrietta House. This project is a major redesign and redevelopment of a 1990s building owned by Lazari Investments and home to CBRE’s UK HQ.

The building will be transformed to create a world-class workplace experience for 1,700 employees and visiting clients, featuring coworking, on-site wellness facilities, SMART building technology and sustainable solutions. Westok provided some 60t of clear span beams to Ballykine Structural Engineers, featuring elongated cells to facilitate the passage of large services.

Imagery from https://www.tekla.com/uk/bim-awards/projects
  • Project name: Henrietta House
  • Main Contractor: Faithdean
  • Steel Fabricator: Ballykine Structural Engineers
  • Architect: MoreySmith
  • Consulting Engineer: The Morton Partnership

More information can be found here: https://www.tekla.com/uk/bim-awards

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