Building closed loops

While the global population and its consumption are growing, natural recourses are limited. Therefore, it is crucial that we shift to a circular economy concept: in this model of production and consumption, a product’s life cycle is extended by using recycled raw materials, applying innovative product design, as well as reusing, repairing and recycling materials as long as possible to keep them within the (closed-loop) economy cycle. The concept also promotes reducing waste to a minimum.


Can steel be recycled?

We are working closely with our customers and suppliers to create closed loops, establish more sustainable value chains and contribute to a circular economy. For the closed loops we have already established, we collect scrap that is generated during the processing of our products, which is then used for steel recycling.  

Due to its durability and low maintenance frequency, steel is one of the most preferred materials across the globe – be it for construction, the automotive industry or ship building. Compared to other materials such as concrete or timber, however, there is another major advantage that will become even more important in the future: steel recycling can be repeated an infinite number of times without any loss of quality.

The great material properties as well as the opportunities of steel recycling reinforce our conviction:


Steel is not the problem, but part of the solution.


Producing steel is often very emissions-intensive. While cutting greenhouse gases such as CO2 thanks to alternative production routes is one way to greener steel, using recycled steel is another. Compared to timber and concrete, the steel recycling quota is very high: 93% of steel can be re-used.

  • LOWER ENERGY USE: Through steel recycling, the North American steel industry saves enough energy to supply the annual electricity needs of more than 18 million homes

  • LOWER CARBON LOADS: Recycling the steel from one car reduces greenhouse gases equivalent to using more than 550 liters of gasoline


The seven steps of steel recycling


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