Our extensive product portfolio encompasses the following; Aluminium profiles, End stop, continual run, hook batton, Bollhoffed bespoke blanks, Laser & water jet cut panels, supplementary services (bespoke sizes, bollhoffing, circles, triangles and shapes) and applications (sign panels and road traffic signs).



Finish and Colours:
Grey/grey, grey/black, grey/white

Supplementary Services:
Cutting to size, bespoke sizes,bollhoffing, circles, triangles and shapes.

Sign panels and road traffic signs


Dibond® Dibond Traffic is an aluminium composite sheet produced by 3A, which has a 0.3mm aluminium skin, and a UV resistant polyethylene core. Dibond, short for Display Bond, was first made in 1993, specifically for the sign market. It was based on the Alucobond manufacturing method. The nature of Dibond® Traffic makes it ideal for achieving distortion free road signs. And the stove enamelled finish will ensure excellent adhesion. It is available either in sheets or pre cut shapes in a traffic grey, or black finish. 3A have also issued a 12 year warranty against product failure.

It has been tested by Bollhoff to use with their riveting system and can be processed using a variety of techniques, including shearing, sawing, punching and folding. Dibond® Traffic is fully recyclable and is compliant with ISO 9001, ensuring continuous high quality, due to the extended inspection program 3A enforce.
Dibond® Traffic is the only ACM that has been tested and approved by the BSI to EN 12899 and satisfies the clauses relating to impact and corrosion resistance

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