Our drilling lines are heavy duty, high speed, high performance, fully automated and accurate. Offering drilled and countersunk holes, adding value and reducing your first stage manufacturing costs.




  • Fully programmable CNC drilling/machining platform.
  • Individual piece size from 2.2m to 21m.
  • Hole sizes up to and including 70mm diameter.
  • Tapping up to and including 42mm diameter.
  • Countersinking and specialist edge profiling available on request.
  • Fully capable of drilling and machining 400bh plate.
  • Multiple setup capabilities for maximum efficiencies.


We have the facility to hard stamp most products with bespoke identifying marks or cast numbers. Details of this service can be supplied. The drill line has the capacity to automatically process materials ranging in lengths from 2.2 metres to 21 metres, with a manual feed capacity of a minimum of 1.2 metres to a maximum 21 metres.

The drill unit has an automatic tool changing device and fast change chuck. This carries a magazine which can contain up to five tools complete with chuck sleeves, fixed directly to the drill unit to enable these tools to be inter-changed in the shortest possible time. Utilising the three drilling heads available on the machine we are also able to simultaneously drill on 3 faces of the material being processed, again reducing lead times and introducing cost benefits directly to our clients.


Programming is in the form of DSTV files, which generates the NC programme for the drilling machine. Control of the drill line comprises of a CNC Control with Touch Screen, integrated into the main control panel. The drill line has an operational working range to encompass the following dimensional sizes and hole diameters.

Product Min. Dimension (mm) Max. Dimension (mm) Min hole dia Max hole dia.
Angle 80mm x 65mm x 10mm 250mm x 250mm x 8mm 8mm 40mm
Channel 80mm x 45mm 430mm x 100mm 8mm 40mm
Beam 127mm x 76mm 1016mm x 305mm 8mm 40mm
Plate Beams 80mm x 15mm 1200mm x 450mm 8mm 40mm

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