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EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) builds a connection between your ERP system and ours. This allows automatic exchange of commercial information and results in a fully automated and accelerated purchasing process. With EDI you get to send purchase orders directly from your ERP to ours and receive instant confirmation. This results in an accelerated order process and may cut your transaction costs by up to 50%. Furthermore, invoices and delivery notes can be sent directly into your system. Purchasing has never been more efficient!



  • Automated exchange of all commercial information
  • Instant processing of orders
  • Increased efficiency due to automated data exchange
  • Elimination of manual processing
  • Improved data quality – reduction in transaction errors
  • Increased transaction transparency for trading partners

Ideal for customers who are continuously placing repeat orders. 



EDI is an automated exchange of standardised commercial data between trading partners. For example when you finalise a purchase order for Kloeckner in your ERP system, it is immediately sent to us and reviewed by your sales contact. Your order is then processed and a confirmation mail sent instantly.

Do you need a delivery note or invoice? Not a problem. As soon as the goods have been sent out and the documents have been created, the information is automatically recorded in your system. No more calls or emails. You will be surprised how efficient purchasing can be.


In the past purchasing has been a labour-intensive task. Purchase orders have to be transmitted to suppliers, confirmations and delivery notes have to be checked and invoices have to be archived. EDI allows you to eliminate almost all of these tasks! Thanks to a two-way data exchange, commercial information can be sent from one ERP to another within seconds. It also means there is no need to perform extra check on data anymore as the system ensures there is no deviation. However if you want a Kloeckner representative to take a look at your purchase order before releasing it, we are more than happy to help!


“Computers don’t make mistakes, people do”. Unfortunately this is true. Implementing EDI means all the data is checked, sent and received automatically. Thus manual data entries are minimised and transmission errors are reduced.


Implementing EDI will not only allow your company to achieve an automated and accelerated purchasing process but also a standardised one. EDI furthermore leads to improved relationships between trading partners as all transactions become transparent.

To find out more about EDI connection please get in touch with your Kloeckner representative or send us an email.

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