Kloeckner Connect
Digital solutions


Order Overview Tool


  • Instant access to your documents including – invoices, delivery notes and order confirmations
  • Live overview of your order delivery status
  • The ability to view your current and historical prices
  • Simple registration process with personalised support from Kloeckner Metals UK
  • Intuitive customer friendly interface
  • Robust search functionality on all criteria
  • Available 24/7
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Contract Portal


  • Latest overview of your contracts, prices in real time
  • Manage your contracts on-line
  • Works in conjunction with Order Overview Tool
  • Robust search functionality
  • Call off contract material 24/7
  • Place new orders linked to your agreed contract
  • The ability to manage multiple contract call off
  • Historical contracts overview
  • Contract renewal process
  • Intuitive customer friendly interface
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