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Place orders directly from your ERP with Punchout



Our Punchout solutions create a connection between your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system and Kloeckner’s Online Shop. This way you can place orders into our online shop without leaving your ERP. The process is very simple, all you have to do is select Kloeckner Online Shop catalogue when creating the purchase order, wait for the Shop to open up in the pop up and place articles in the shopping basket. Once you complete the order all the relevant data  is automatically transmitted (punched out) to your system.


  • Ability to order directly from your ERP
  • Elimination of double entries
  • Transmission of product data without errors
  • Ability to implement approval processes
  • Enjoy all benefits of the Online Shop


If you would like to upgrade to a more advanced eProcurement solution and have an EDI connection please click here



Do you enjoy the intuitiveness of our online shop but manually typing information into your ERP system is too labour-intensive? Punchout could be just the right solution for you! Our Punchout feature automatically transfers (punches out) all data connected to your order to your ERP system, and then records relevant information in your purchase order mask. All you have to do is release the order and send it to Kloeckner.


Since there is no more manual transmission of data, the possibility for errors is significantly reduced. The information punched out to your ERP system is exactly the same as that in our online shop.


Is someone else in your company approving your purchases? Not a problem. Our Punchout solution allows you to send an approval request before the order is released.


Even though you are purchasing from your ERP system, you can still enjoy all the benefits of the Online Shop: 24/7 availability, transparent prices and lead times as well as access to your order history and documents.

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