Hydraulic Cylinder Tubing


Drawn-Over Mandrel

Drawn-Over Mandrel (DOM) mechanical steel tubing is manufactured from Electrical Resistance Welded (ERW) hollow tubing, additional processing by cold drawing through dies and over a mandrel, resulting in smooth and clean surface finish, mechanical properties and OD & ID dimensional accuracy.


Cold Drawn Welded tubing features:

  • Uniform grain structure and controlled hardness
  • Uniform wall thickness with close OD and ID tolerances
  • OD / Wall combinations that are not possible with traditional ERW tubes. i.e.  low D/t (Outer diameter to wall thickness ratio)
  • Greater size range availability compared to ERW tubes
  • High tensile and yield strength
  • Excellent machining characteristics
  • Smooth and clean OD and ID surfaces

Applications & Sectors

Cold drawn welded and Cold drawn seamless tubing are commonly used in the following sectors / applications:

  • Hydraulic cylinders & Telescopics
  • Accumulators
  • Axles
  • Printing, textile and paper mills
  • Spacers & Bushings
  • Machined tubular parts
  • Down Hole – PCP Pumps (Progressing Cavity Pumps)
  • Steering Columns
  • Shock Absorbers
  • Drive Shafts



All of these products are available in long lengths & cut to size services:


  • EN 10305-2 Steel Grade E355 + C | Size Range: 45 OD/35 ID to 115 OD /100 ID | Smooth Bore (Can also be known as ready to use / SSID tubing)


  • EN 10305-2 Steel Grade E355 +SR | Size Range: 50 OD/40 ID to 190 OD /160 ID | Suitable for skiving tubing (Cold drawn welded)


  • EN 10305-2 Steel Grade E355 + SR | Size Range: 50 OD/40 ID to 190 OD /160 ID | Skived & roller burnished to H8 tubing (Cold drawn welded)


  • EN10305-1 & EN10305-2 E355 + SR | Size Range: 73 OD/63 ID to 245 OD /200 ID | Honed bore tubing to H8 (Cold drawn welded & Cold drawn seamless)


  • Chrome plated rods | Initial size range: 20mm OD –  100 mm OD / steel grades 20MnV6 & C45 | with  corrosion resistance 200 Hours NSS ( ISO 9227 ): Rating 9



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