5 reasons to use Westok

Kloeckner | Westok is a specialist steelwork fabricator and designer, offering a wide range of services and products to meet your requirements.

But, why should you use Westok? This blog will visit the 5 main reasons…


Kloeckner | Westok have provided a free Technical Advisory Service since the early 1990s. Driving economy into the design of steel framed structures by offering the correct range of cellular,  plated and shallow floor and roof beams, no other specialist structural steelwork fabricator operating in the UK, Ireland or Mainland Europe offers the range of free services provided by Westok structural Engineers.

Westok’s Regional Engineers call upon many years of design expertise to offer free and impartial guidance and have an unrivalled track record of project delivery across a variety of sectors. As previously mentioned,  Kloeckner | Westok provide free technical guidance but they also provide project calculations, assist with the analysis and design of steel framed structures, facilitate design workshops, undertake free CPD seminars and offer a suite of free analysis, design, vibration and BIM software packages. Download this here.


Innovation is the key principle on which Westok is built. When castellated beams had limitations, it was the Westok Cellular beam that provided the solution; this is a solution that has served the marketplace for over 30 years. Westok has continued to be innovative throughout its rich history, whether this has been the introduction of our new products such as the USFB, or by making technological advancements with bespoke automation such as our Beam Builder, T&I line, Saw and Drill line, or Plasma cutting services. Westok continues to support our customers’ needs to ensure these innovations enhance USP.

Westok’s approach to innovation is not limited to Design and Technology; there is also innovation in the philosophy of the staff, as they seek to elicit value and economy from tender to delivery. Embracing the benefits of IR4.o through automation and digitalisation of data ensures a smooth execution of projects to maximise customer experience. It is not the Westok way to offer what competitors may do, it’s a huge focus to offer the most innovative solution and be at the forefront of solution provision for the next 30 years and beyond.


Kloeckner | Westok pride themselves on providing innovative solutions at the high standards that customers have become accustomed to receiving. With a team of dedicated inspectors that ensure that the level of workmanship is completed to an extremely high standard, Westok have in-house MPI testing abilities and in-house RWC which oversees all work. Westok are also fully accredited to complete works up to execution class 4 and have been audited to the new ISO 9001:2015 accreditation.

Kloeckner | Westok believe that quality starts at the very beginning so the engineering team can help clients to get the best possible solution for their schemes. It is Westok’s goal to provide the best solution both economically and technically.

From concept to completion

From concept to completion solution that Kloeckner | Westok provides enables customers to choose a complete service that is to the highest standard, delivered on time, every time. Through continued investments and working partnerships, customers can choose a fully fabricated service for all products and have them delivered directly to site.

The service begins by designing and pricing the most cost-effective solution for the customers. From placement of order, all materials are procured to the sub-grades of the customer’s specification and carcasses are manufactured to the highest standard. The recent investment into the Ficep Endeavour allows Westok to offer a fully fabricated solution which includes cutting to length Symmetrical and Asymmetrical and Cambered beams, notching, milling, scribing and drilling.

Finishing touches and any further complex fabrication will be carried out by highly skilled fabricators. Through working partnerships, Westok can also provide a shot blast and painting service to suit the required specification. The service is complete when the finished product is delivered.

Optimised Solution

Kloeckner | Westok are passionate in the belief that the relationships made throughout the supply chain are paramount in all that they do. Over and above the benefits of mutual trust and improved communication; value engineering, technical advice, helping to gain a competitive advantage and flexibility are all tangible benefits that are delivered from working in close collaboration with project stakeholders.

Through continuous investment and innovation, Westok are uniquely positioned in their ability to design and manufacture the full range of cellular, plated shallow floor and roof beams. Ensuring the right beam is used in the right application will help to provide you with a competitive advantage. This is complimented further by the unique processing services available, and guidance on the implications of cambering, curving, long lengths, infills, sub-grades, execution and flexibility in helping to ensure you achieve the desired result.


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