Alucore: Lightweight & Extremely Strong Composite Material

Alucore is an aluminium panel composed of a honeycomb core which is sandwiched in two lacquered cover sheets. The Alucore product offers high-rigidity and low weight. Its properties make it particularly suited for applications in Transport, Architecture and Shipbuilding.

What makes Alucore Unique?

In comparison to traditional honeycomb composite panels, Alucore’s aluminium core and aluminium cover sheets are bonded using a continuous process. The process of bonding offers a range of advantages such as 

  • Superior product quality 
  • Surface evenness 
  • Not brittle-hard offering formability
  • Excellent Peel Strength 

Applications of Alucore:


Alucore is hugely valuable in the shipbuilding industry due to its fire protection standards and weight properties. Due to its formability and weight, It is used in the interiors of ships for 

  • ceilings
  • walls
  • furniture 
  • balcony partitions


Alucore can also be used to create partitions for cabins, wind tunnels, trying rooms, and so much more on the inside of a building that has industrial applications. Foil, HPL, Veneers and Paints can also be used to add to aesthetic appeal. 


Alucore products offer a range of benefits in architectural applications due to its mechanical properties and aesthetic appeal. Used in facade cladding and roofing by planners, architects and designers. 

Railways and Transport Vehicles

Due to its lightweight nature and high rigidity, Alucore has numerous applications in railways and transport vehicles

Due to its lightweight construction, Alucore can help reduce CO2 emissions significantly. 

What Processing can be used with Alucore

Alucore’s Sustainability 

  1. During the lifecycle of Alucore panels, no substances containing CFC are released into the environment 
  2. ALUCORE® can be fully recycled with any other aluminium without prior separation or sorting (scrap value).
  3. Due to its lightweight nature, it can help significantly reduce CO2 Emissions. 

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