The best of Kloeckner’s 2019

2019 has been quite a year for Kloeckner Metals UK! 

We’ve seen the introduction of innovative products, extra machines, a new company tagline and digital innovations. We’ve accomplished new levels of safety and made record contributions to our #KloecknerCares projects. We have also seen Kloeckner | Westok working on some impressive projects this year! 

There are too many highlights for us to mention them all, but here’s a summary of the best things  Kloeckner 2019: 

1. Your Supply Chain Partner

This year brought with it the fresh new tagline, “Your supply chain partner.” 

We wanted to convey the message to our customers that Kloeckner can help with every step of the process, from sourcing and stockholding to processing and distributing, we offer total management of your metal in safe way. 

2. NobelClad bi-metallic plates

We proudly introduced NobelClad bi-metallic plates to our offering. Bi-metallic plates are used in many applications such as ship-building, pressure vessels, crystallisers and autoclaves. NobelClad pioneered the use of explosion welding in dissimilar metal bonding and their bi-metallic plates are renowned for their strength and reliability. We were thrilled to offer all 260 metal combinations through Kloeckner. 

NobelClad explosion welding

3. Kloeckner | Westok projects

This year we’ve worked on some magnificent architectural projects through Kloeckner | Westok. Some of our top highlights include the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, Majestic offices in Leeds and The Stage in Shoreditch. The latter is so impressive, it will even showcase the archaeological remains of a Shakespearean theatre! 

Kloeckner Westok Majestic Leeds
4. #KloecknerCares 

This year we’ve supported so many causes through our #KloecknerCares programme. We’ve sponsored frame football and amateur rugby teams, taken part in the London Marathon and baked cakes for Children in Need. Our top achievement for 2019, was for Cancer Research UK. We donated £2 every time our online Easter game, ‘Matching Pairs’, with a final total of £1000! 

Kloeckner dog

5. Kloeckner digital solutions

Kloeckner has continued to revolutionise the steel industry this year by adding even more digital solutions to our offering. Our online shop celebrated its second birthday, we introduced our contract portal and launched our electronic data interchange (EDI) solution. All of these processes were designed to enhance purchasing efficiency and have been a huge success with our customers. 

We’ve had such a great year at Kloeckner Metals UK, it will be hard to top it! But, we’ve already got some exciting things lined up for 2020. What better way to kickstart the year than LAMMA 2020. Maybe we’ll see you there? 

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