Celebrating Two Years of the Kloeckner Online Shop

This month we are celebrating the second birthday of our successful online shop! First launched in 2017, the Kloeckner Online Shop is just one part of our ambitious digital transformation programme.

In only two short years, the shop has reached a number of milestones, and we have launched a number of innovative features to make shopping online streamlined and hassle-free. Here’s a taster of what’s happened:

Over quarter of our Business Is Now Online

At Kloeckner we are very excited to see that more and more of our customers are buying online. Whilst we are continuously adding new features to improve your buying experience, we are also broadening our product portfolio – allowing us to cater for all your needs in one place.

Over 5,000 Products

Since the initial website launch we have steadily developed our product portfolio. We now offer over 5,000 products via our Online Shop and Marketplace. Some recent additions to our product range include Sign Products (fixtures, fittings and posts,) Organically Coated Steel products – colour coated sheets, to name a few.



The Introduction of Complementary Products

Apart from the aforementioned new product ranges, we have diversified our online product catalogue to offer complementary products to our customers. This allows our customers to purchase all of their metal needs on one easy-to-use website. New additions to our complementary products include Mesh Flooring, Mild Steel Perforated sheets, Nickel Alloys and Blasting Abrasives.

New Contract Portal

Another feature that we have rolled out to improve our customer experience is our Contract Portal. Originally built in a separate environment, we migrated the Contract Portal onto the Kloeckner Online Shop platform to allow customers easier & quicker access to all our digital solutions. We have also introduced a new intuitive dashboard, which is now more tailored to the needs of our contract customers.

Contract Portal benefits:

  • quick overview of current and historical contracts (open quotes and released contracts)
  • direct online quantity call-off
  • request follow-up and new contracts with just a few clicks
  • intuitive dashboard usage allows user to easily manage & monitor all contracts in one place
  • personal contact person and customer support

Electronic Data Interchange

To make purchases as seamless as possible, we are delighted to offer an Electronic Data Interchange for our business customers. An EDI is a permanent data connection between your business systems (e.g. ERP, SCRM or CRM etc) and Kloeckner. The system allows for purchase orders, order confirmations, delivery notes and invoices to be automatically transferred between businesses. As a result, the EDI improves efficiency, reduces human error and, most importantly, saves time and cost.


As you can see, we have been incredibly busy over the past two years to provide our customers with the best online shopping experience and hope that you enjoy shopping on our Online Shop. We have ambitious plans for the future, follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter to keep up to date!


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