Why choose Westok Cellular Beams

Kloeckner Metals UK | Westok were the pioneers of cellular beam use in the UK, inventing and holding the patent for the Westok Cellular Beam. Westok Cellular Beams comprise a beam formed by profiling a rolled section using our patented, semi-circular dual pass process, and welding the tees back together to form a cellular beam.

The Westok Cellular Beam is used in applications where there is a requirement to achieve one or more of the following:

  • Economic clear floor and roof spans
  • Shallow downstand floor beams, where rolled sections have insufficient capacity
  • Service integration and/or assistance with the building ventilation strategy by utilising the cells within the depth of the beam
  • An aesthetic exposed structural steelwork solution
  • Shallow upstand beams with an integrated slab bearing on the bottom flange

There are essentially an infinite number of cellular beams which can be formed in depths of +/- 1mm increments. Each beam depth, cell diameter and spacing can be tailored to best suit the application of the beam.

So, why choose Westok Cellular Beams?

Westok Cellular Beams have a greater carrying capacity

Each Westok Cellular Beam has approximately a 50% greater load carrying capacity, as well as a 125% increase in stiffness which is relative to the original parent section properties. This is all without any increase in weight.

Westok Cellular Beams are lighter and cost efficient

Clear span Westok rafters, in the span range of 12-50m are a frequent application of Westok Cellular Beams. Due to the costly fabrication required to manufacture a truss, clear span Westok rafters are often chosen as a value engineered design solution in lieu of a truss.


Westok Cellular Beams can be easily tailored to each application

The overall depth, cell diameter and spacing of a Westok Cellular Beam can be tailored by our designers to best suit the application.

Westok Cellular Beams are pre-cambered

Often, long-span beams can require the specification of costly pre-cambers. All Westok Cellular Beams are pre-cambered as part of our manufacturing process, all without any additional cost, unlike UBs and plate beams.


Westok Cellular Beams can be curved and tapered

Curved and tapered Westok beams are a popular architectural use of our beams, and in-house curves can be undertaken at no cost depending on the radius of curvature. Contact Kloeckner | Westok for more guidance.

Westok Cellular Beams are very flexible, even after manufacture

Our patented profiling process means that Westok Cellular Beams have a continuous string of cells along the full length of the beam. This cell pattern generates the greatest flexibility in terms of service integration to accommodate late design changes and MEP future flexibility. Elongated cells can be used for rectangular services also.

If you’d like to find out more about how Westok Cellular Beams could benefit your business click here or contact us at info.westok@kloeckner.com.


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