Clear span Kloeckner Westok Rafters

Kloeckner Westok rafters are the ideal lightweight, clear span roof beam, providing an economic and aesthetic structural solution with service integration opportunities along the full span. Westok rafters are pre-cambered at no cost to reduce or eliminate dead load deflection issues, and larger 100mm+ drainage cambers can be installed if required to suit the roof falls.

Many roof systems can be supported: flat, cambered, curved, pitched, tapered, cantilevered, box etc. Typically spans range from 10m to 50m+, offering a superior solution to trusses, which are frequently timely and costly to manufacture, fabricate and paint.

Straightforward splice details such as back-to-back end plates can result in medium to long spans being produced in two or three components, facilitating easy transport to site and speedy erection.

Where there is a visual preference to avoid bolted splices, long-span rafters can be manufactured and delivered to site in one piece.

Where Lateral Torsional Buckling is the critical design check, for example for a spine beam, an asymmetric Westok can be designed with a heavier top tee and lighter bottom tee, to produce a very economic structurally efficient member.

Rafters can be pinned, continuously spanning or detailed to resist end moments.

This article illustrates the various roofing solutions which can be accommodated with a Westok rafter.

Straight Roof



Single Curved



Double Curved





Tapered Cantilevers / Backspan



Box Section


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