An interview with Clint Jones: Kloeckner Metals UK approach to procurement

At Kloeckner, we have a strong focus on customer satisfaction and are proud of our internal processes which are integral to ensuring a high quality of service. Our staff are at the core of this focus, with each member of our team playing a fundamental role that allows us to work more and more efficiently and synonymously each day.

Clint Jones is the current commercial director at Kloeckner Metals UK, and with a background in procurement, continues to oversee this within the business. We spoke to Clint about his role and the importance of procurement within the business. Take a look below…

At Kloeckner Metals UK, procurement is key to how we manage things because one of our main strengths lies in our purchasing power. Even prior to the introduction of the One Europe strategy, Kloeckner has consistently bundled its global purchasing requirements, in order to leverage our size for negotiation. This enables us to demand not only the most competitive buying prices but also the highest quality standards.

Supplier selection is another key arm of our procurement strategy. At Kloeckner Metals UK, we use a small number of trusted key suppliers per product family and these key suppliers are globally selected so they include the biggest blue-chip steel mills.

This means that we are able to offer our customers:

  • A continuity of supply
  • The best quality products
  • Consistent availability
  • Competitive pricing

It also means that in the UK, we can offer our customers products that otherwise wouldn’t be available as we have access to global contacts.

Not only are we able to offer our customers a high-quality product, we are also able to ensure:

  • Sustainability
  • Compliance
  • An ethical supply chain

This ultimately means that our customers can have full confidence in our products. This was recognised in our recent customer feedback scores, which you can read here.

In parallel with this, we proactively build relationships with a range of secondary support suppliers, further enhancing continuity of supply.

At Kloeckner Metals UK, we also take quality and certification very seriously. We demand that our suppliers have ISO 9001 & ISO 18001 and all our suppliers have to undergo a rigorous quality assessment so we can establish the reliability of their products and processes. We also have procedures in place which enable us to maintain the integrity and traceability of all material received. We check all test certifications on receipt and then control, store and manage all stock and documentation at a batch level to ensure full traceability across all our processes.

Many customers of Kloeckner Metals UK will be aware of our drive for digitalisation and how it influences how we manage our stock. As part of our digitalisation strategy, a “POW-R” system introduced in 2017, allows all our stock to be barcoded and digitally picked, thereby reducing the margin for error. In turn, this allows us to optimize warehouse performance and further enhances our quality control and traceability procedures.

Traceability can affect all industries and we cannot carry any risk at all. No matter what the final application, all Kloeckner Metals UK customers will benefit from enhanced traceability.

To find out more about Kloeckner Metals UK’s approach to procurement and our vision, click here.
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