Introducing our eProcurement solution

In September last year, we launched our Online Shop as part of our
digitalisation strategy and this ran alongside the Kloeckner Connect
platform which held our full suite of digital solutions.

At Kloeckner Metals UK, we are very focused on providing the best service
for our customers – particularly when it comes to the purchasing process.
We are aware that whatever the size of your business and whether your
purchasing method is simple or more developed, during the purchasing
process, around 66% of time is spent unnecessarily. At Kloeckner we want to
change that.

We’re proud to introduce our eProcurement solutions, designed to support
all levels of our business, making the day-to- day business easier and more
efficient. Our eProcurement solutions offer the opportunity for increased
productivity, reduced costs and a reduction in errors.

At Kloeckner, we have been working on and developing three new
solutions which will deliver benefits of eProcurement:

Online Shop

Our Online Shop launched in September 2017, driven by customer
satisfaction and enhancing the customer experience.

It was developed to make the purchasing experience quicker, giving a wide
range of benefits including:

  •  The availability of 3,000 products online
  •  Access 24/7
  • A simple and easy registration process
  • Quick and easy order and re-ordering of products
  • Extensive product information
  • Pricing that is specific to each customer
  • An order overview tool
  • The ability to accept quotes online
  • Transparent lead times
  • A direct Punchout and ERP connection

Discover and find out more about our Online Shop here.


Our Punchout solution creates a direct connection between your ERP and
Kloeckner’s Online Shop which allows you to simplify the purchasing
process and offers many benefits including:

  • The ability to order directly from your ERP
  • The elimination of double entries
  • The transmission of product data without errors
  • The ability to implement approval processes
  • You can enjoy all benefits of the Online Shop

By choosing our Punchout solution, you will be able to place orders into our
Online Shop without leaving your own ERP. What’s more, it is a very simple

Find out more about Punchout here.

EDI Connections

Our EDI Connections (Electronic Data Interchange) solution allows you to
build a connection between your own ERP system and ours. This offers you
a great deal of benefits including:

  • The automated exchange of all commercial information
  • An instant processing of orders
  • Increased efficiency due to automated data exchange
  • The elimination of manual processing
  • An improved data quality and the reduction in transaction errors
  • An increased transaction transparency for any trading partners

If you choose our EDI Connections solution, you can send purchase orders
directly from your own ERP to ours, receiving an instant confirmation. This
service results in a quicker order process, cutting your current transaction
costs by up to 50%.

If you’re interested, find out more here.

So, no matter which of our eProcurement solutions you choose to fit your
business, you’re guaranteed to benefit from better service, more
transparency, better choice and a more efficient process.

Contact us today to find out more about how our eProcurement solutions
could help you.

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