ERW Tubes

Electric Resistance Welded tubes are just one of the tubular products available at Kloeckner Metals UK, available in a range of formats and suitable for a vast range of applications. But, why should you choose ERW tubes over Cold Formed Hollow Section or Hot Finished Hollow Section?

ERW tubes are used for many mechanical purposes because they are both malleable and formable meaning that they can be bent or crushed without splitting or cracking. Their smooth surface finish offers the opportunity for painting and powder coating with a great aesthetic appearance, something that is difficult to get from any other tubular product. What’s more, ERW tubes are available from Kloeckner Metals UK in extremely thin gauges of 0.9mm and can also be sourced in gauges of 0.6mm.

Thanks to their useful properties and range of formats – circular, rectangular,  square and elliptical to EN 10305:2010 Part 3 and 5 E220 – ERW tubes are used across a huge spectrum of industries including:

  • Furniture (Both office and educational)
  • Medical (Hospital bedside tables)
  • Fabrication
  • Agricultural
  • Supermarket trolleys and cages
  • Display or shop fittings
  • Storage and racking
  • Automotive (Car seats, exhausts and steering columns)
  • Roofing systems
  • Fencing
  • Polytunnels
  • Sports equipment

You can buy the full ERW tube range on our Online Shop.

What’s more, thanks to our wide range of Value Added Services and tube lasers we can process ERW tubes in many different ways to ensure they’re suitable for your application.

Theses are growing in popularity, and interest will continue to develop as educational furniture is a very big market which is increasing in size. It is also difficult to find a replacement for ERW tubes in many of the applications that currently use them.

If you would like to find out more about our ERW tubes range, or how it may be useful for your next application, please contact our team of experts here.

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