FAQs Why Total Metals Management is a perfect answer to Supply Chain Challenges

Supply chains in high-stakes industries can be particularly complex and therefore, even more, susceptible to risks and disruptions. External factors such as climate change, global trade tensions and economic uncertainty can all pose supply chain challenges for internal buying teams and impact production. Total Metals Management from Kloeckner offers the perfect solution to mitigate the risks associated with supply chains.

What is Total Metals Management? 

Total Metals Management is a unique service offered to customers operating in specialist sectors such as Nuclear, Oil & Gas, Defence, Marine, Construction and Mining. Due to the unique nature of these industries, the projects require careful management as they can often be complex and demanding, requiring a selection of different alloys combined with several value-added processes. All of which must be managed to a strict timeline and under safe conditions. 

What are the Benefits of Total Metals Management?

Total Metals Management offers an array of benefits that are designed to improve purchasing efficiencies in high-stakes industries. Some benefits include:

  • We can source, schedule, stock hold and manage safely, all your metal requirements.
  • You can be sure about the quality, cost and lead time which puts you in control of your supply chain.
  • Materials can be ordered to your exact specifications and delivered to a location of your choice.
  • You will be in touch with a dedicated point of contact who will be responsible for each project.
  • Total Metals Management will help you save time, increase efficiency and reduce the operational cost of projects.
Is Total Metals Management available only to UK/EU Customers?

Total Metals Management is available worldwide. We have an extensive expertise in working with non-European based procurement departments working on projects that carry materials to a European specification. Our expertise includes:

  • Sourcing BS/BS EN/PD/BS EN ISO or BS ISO material, specified in European metric sizes and CE marked material.
  • An extensive range of products
  • Project management from order acceptance to delivery by one dedicated team
  • Full support of eternal Freight Forwarder
How do you mitigate risks in the Nuclear Sector?

We have a 10 step approach to achieving a nuclear safety culture within the business. You can read more about this approach here. Safety is paramount to us as we continue to support the delivery of new nuclear power stations across the UK, whilst supporting the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority with their decommissioning programme and existing operational nuclear sites.

What Value Added Service are Available?

You can find out more about the capabilities of our processing solutions in our brochure. We offer the following services:

Tube Laser cutting

Kloeckner’s 7 states of the art laser cutting machines allow us to provide our customers with the complete in-house solution, no matter how large or small the cutting requirement.

Flat Bed Laser

Our extensive flatbed laser facilities offer the latest technology in both fibre cutting and CO2 processing up to 4000mm length and 2000mm width. We can carry out large volume and small batch profiling and ensure any material used is fully traceable and comes with mill certificates when required.


Water jet cutting allows efficient production, particularly with single part manufacturing; high machine accuracy and surface quality at the cut edge. No pollutants are created during the cutting process. Since no heat is input into the component through the cutting jet, there are no structural changes in the processed material. 


Kloeckner Metals UK now offer precision bending/pressing of materials into bespoke 3-dimensional shapes to suit your requirements.


Kloeckner Metals UK offer Hot Rolled and Reversing Mill Plate in a market-leading range of steel grades and sizes both as a full plate or as profiled parts. The plasma and Oxy-fuel cutting services are complemented by on-site drilling and edge preparation capabilities.


Kloeckner Metals UK | Westok is the market-leading designer, manufacturer & software provider of cellular, Plated, Shallow, Box, Cambered, Curved, Tapered floor & roof beams in the UK, Ireland and Mainland Europe.

Over the past thirty years, we have established an impressive track record of delivery across a diverse range of sectors. We offer a free project design service with a team of experienced Structural Engineers, along with free CPD seminars, and free analysis, design, vibration & BIM software solutions. 


Each saw at Kloeckner Metals UK has a fully programmable, integrated touch screen PC control and is able to accept cutting data manually in DSTV files, DSTV + files or in Microsoft Excel Format. 


Kloeckner Metals UK’s long product drill line has an operational working range to encompass various dimensional sizes and hole diameters. 

Shot Blasting & Painting

Kloeckner Metals UK is fully accredited for the processing of shot blasting and painted steel to the relevant CE marking Execution Class 1-4.


Kloeckner Metals UK offers a comprehensive range of light gauge de-coiling and guillotining services. 

Safety, Health, Environment & Quality (SHEQ)

Kloeckner Metals UK takes Quality and Health & Safety seriously, and you can be assured that excellence is at the heart of our mission statement. The team at Kloeckner are aware of the importance of maintaining company certifications and are committed to ensuring your management systems and processes are up to the highest standards with regards to Safety, Health, Environment & Quality.

CE Marking

Many of Kloeckner Metal UK’s products used in construction are covered by CE marking. For the products from CE certified mills, our operations department ensures that they maintain full traceability from receipt through to dispatch. This includes ensuring that the test cert is complete and contains the suppliers CE mark.

To speak to us about our Total Metals Management concept and how it could help enhance your supply chain get in contact here.


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