Five reasons to find your next job opportunity at Kloeckner

Kloeckner Metals UK is known as a company that puts its people first. This is further reinforced by our parent company, Klöckner & Co being chosen as World’s Best Employer. Whether it is by investing in employee development and well-being, helping them create and maintain a work-life balance, ensuring their safety, creating opportunities for growth and advancement within the company or creating an inclusive work culture, Kloeckner makes sure that our employees are well taken care of. We take various initiatives to empower every employee to be leaders and role models and train them to deliver a service that is aligned with the company vision and mission.

Here are five reasons why you should find your next job opportunity at Kloeckner Metals UK:

‘People First’

At Kloeckner Metals UK, people always come first so we do our best to take care of them. We ensure that our employees are safe and have a good work-life balance, get fair compensation and benefits and have plenty of opportunities for advancement and growth in the company. Our aim is to empower every employee of the company to be a future leader and role model.

Positive Working Environment

Kloeckner Metals UK’s ratings on Indeed have in the last two years improved by 20% and employees have voted it as a positive working environment, strongly focused on health and safety. Employees have said that they find it a great place to work with innovative and forward-thinking ideas. The work environment is friendly and helpful. Employees also said that they found Kloeckner to be the perfect place for those looking to advance and grow their careers and that courses and training organised internally help them get ready for more responsibilities and better roles within the company.

In an internal employee survey conducted by Kloeckner, it was found that the vast majority of staff said that:

  • They have trust in the management;
  • Their direct supervisor treats them with respect;
  • Their team works well together;
  • They like working at Kloeckner Metals UK;
  • They are generally satisfied with the work atmosphere in their department.

Opportunities for Growth and Advancement

Kloeckner Metals UK aims to empower all our employees and we do so by internal training, courses and by creating a supportive internal environment. This enables our employees to upskill themselves so that they are ready for more challenging roles to take their career to the next level.

Employee Retention

We are always looking to increase our employee retention and have made significant steps in managing our employee turnover in recent years. We try our best to ensure that our employees are happy, challenged and satisfied in their roles here at Kloeckner. Our senior management team makes sure that there is clear communication with the employees and that their needs are being met.

Great Work Culture

According to a review left by an employee on Indeed, ‘Every day is different at Kloeckner. They have invested heavily in new equipment, processes and people. Their digital strategy is completely different from others in the industry. The team are actively encouraged to find new ideas for the businesses and their own development. Loads of courses available if you are looking for development.’

Another review states: ‘Great place to work with innovative, forward thinking ideas. Brilliant work colleagues with equal opportunities and treatment. Promotions from within with access to development courses paid for by the company. From the leadership team to the sales teams there is always a strong focus and enthusiasm on delivering the best quality product and services to customers.’

Employees at Kloeckner feel cared for and are satisfied with the work culture in the company. Some also say that it is the perfect place to work till you retire as Kloeckner is among those companies that go the extra mile for their people.

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