Four benefits of the LT14 Jumbo laser

At Kloeckner Metals UK, we pride ourselves on our extensive laser cutting portfolio which is based at the Kloeckner site in Dudley. Earlier this year, we announced the acquisition of the Adige LT14 Jumbo laser which enabled us to further increase our capacity and provide a more advanced service to our customers.

We chose to invest in this new equipment as part of our focus on customer feedback and providing the best service possible to our clients. We really value our customer’s opinions and want to continue to develop our Value Added Service offering, so operational investment is something that continues to be a priority for us at Kloeckner Metals UK.

This investment was particularly exciting because our LT14 Jumbo laser is only the 2nd of its kind in the UK, opening up new avenues for both customers and ourselves. We can now better assist customers with large steel processing requirements, such as structural steel fabricators.

But, what does our investment in the LT14 Jumbo laser mean for you? And, how could it benefit you moving forward?

Read below to find out more…


So, as you can see the LT14 Jumbo laser will increase our production capabilities to offer you high-quality parts at shorter lead times in the specifications required.

To find out more about the LT14 Jumbo laser please click here, or contact us here.

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