Frangible Safety Posts – The easiest thing you’ll do today…

When you’re driving towards a post at 50mph you don’t have time to think will I survive – you just pray you will. If you drove into a steel post, your chance of survival is virtually nil, but if you hit a Frangible Safety Post you can just be thankful that someone, when they thought about the roads they were building, their first priority was that people should be kept safe.

If you do any kind of motorway driving, it’s very likely at some point you will pass some Frangible Safety Posts (FSP) on your drive. You may not know they’re there, but they are the silent guardian angel that one day could save your life. Craig Pyser, Managing Director of FSP, talks about passive safety, Frangible Safety Posts and how investing in their product will be the “Easiest thing you’ll do today”.

Steel post VS Passive post – crash test

A steel post on the left and FSP’s post in the middle after a collision at the same speed. FSP’s post is also shown on the right after the collision. Which post would you rather hit?

FSP’s posts are highly engineered and constructed from the latest reinforced composite materials, that exceed the strength of steel posts. Despite exceeding the strength of steel, their patented hybrid fibre construction and lower sheer strength mean they are designed to collapse in a safe, controlled and predictable manner. In a collision this dramatically lowers the forces exerted on the vehicle and its occupants, significantly reducing the risk of fatality and severity of injuries.

Over the past few years since their product launch in 2009, Craig has continued to work with specifiers and installers to increase the overall awareness of the benefits of FSP and continues to relay these messages, especially when it comes to cost.

The Frangible Safety posts are very competitive in the market and cost effective when it comes to providing a long-term solution. They can last up to 3 times longer than steel posts, especially on coastal roads where steel can be subject to corrosion. FSP’s passive posts are covered in a protective coating which prevents weather damage and reduces the need for replacement in the long term.

Over the last few years, there has been a growing awareness of passive safety with some interesting development from councils in that there is a risk of liabilities if there is a passive solution available, that is specified or recommended but isn’t actually installed. This growing awareness means that passive posts are being specified in new construction, re-developments and accident blackspots. There is now more than ever an increased risk and potential liability when a passive solution isn’t followed after a recommendation and an accident occurs.

You may think it’s ‘just a post’ – but there is a much deeper level to it. There is a fantastic product development legacy that comes from the US multinational 3M, who apart from post-it notes and thousands of other products designed the boots that Neil Armstrong wore on the moon.

The technology in the composite post leverages FSP’s in-depth experience in advanced materials with their team of British-based engineers and scientists. The product could potentially save lives, and FSP’s CE marked posts are available and have been independently highly rated under the industry standard of EN 12767.

Continued growth is expected into 2017 with respect to passive safety. With encouragement from the government to increase spending in infrastructure, this will only benefit FSP’s ongoing work program.

There is a continued awareness of the product, with substantial orders year on year in the UK and Ireland, and Craig is looking to strengthen and develop the relationship with these clients into 2017 and beyond.

In short, we remain very positive about 2017 and we think that there is a lot to come in respect of directives from the UK Government.

“Buying FSP is an easy decision, it’s easy to store, easy to maintain, easy to justify and easy to get. We actually use the strapline – The easiest decision you’ll do today because when it comes to a human life, is there any other answer?”

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