Frangible Safety Posts – Your Friend on the Road in All Weathers

With winter rolling in and weather warnings becoming more frequent now’s the time to ensure you are safe on the roads.

There are a few simple things you can do yourself to make sure you are as safe as possible while out and about:

  • Always keep antifreeze and an emergency kit in your car
  • Replace your windscreen wipers
  • Top up your wiper fluid, water and oil
  • Check your tyre pressure and replace any worn tyres

You can keep your car as safe as possible but you don’t always have control over the environment around you. At Kloeckner, we’re passionate about safety and in an effort to do this we also offer passive posts made by Frangible Safety Posts (FSP).

The FSP system is a new type of sign post which has been designed to benefit road users and help save lives by reducing the fatal consequences of impacts with roadside furniture.

Here’s how the system works:

Kloeckner work exclusively as a supplier to Frangible Safety Posts Ltd. who produce some of the higest rated and diverse products available in the UK.

FSP Ltd. started in 2009 after spending several years developing and perfecting the technology behind the product. The technical and engineering team working on the system has an enormous amount of experience researching into and working with composite products.

After investing heavily in the products and extending the range of passive posts, FSP Ltd. have achieved the highest ratings for the category through extensive independent testing.

FSP Managing Director Craig Pyser, explains the company’s raison d’etre:

“We asked ourselves, what can we do to be different and innovative in mitigating potential risk to drivers and passengers in any potential hazardous situation on the road?”

Craig’s passion really comes to life when defining the reason he got involved in the industry:

“I saw passive safety as such a fascinating area and one for enormous growth because it fills a gap in road safety.  You can make a car as safe as you possibly can but if a vehicle comes off the road and hits a rigid object, there’s going to be a risk of death or serious injury. There had to be a way to mitigate that risk.”.

The idea behind the devising of the FSP system was to develop a product that would be fit for purpose, so for instance it would hold up a sign for fifty years but if it was struck by a vehicle going at a certain speed, it would collapse in a predictable manner.


The safety posts are a great feat of engineering in that the creators at FSP Ltd. have developed a composite product that  not only exceeds the strength and match the stiffness of steel but when struck, becomes sheer and is able to collapse in a predictable and repeatable manner.

Craig and his team have been working with local councils and initiatives to isolate accident prone areas and stretches of road that works in all conditions but ideally suited to cold and hazardous weather because of the increased risk of accidents.

Their work continues in an effort to educate anybody involved in specifying or installing roadside furniture and structures in the knowledge that there is a better, safer alternative to steel sign posts.

Craig also explains the benefits for local authorities:

“One of the biggest advantages of having safety posts installed is that there are no requirements for barriers in front of them. This, and the fact that the our frangible solutions last up to three times longer than their steel counterparts, means local councils and communities could save a lot of money initially and over the lifetime of the product..”




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