Kloeckner Online Shop is now a Marketplace

Explore Kloeckner Metals UK’s great new online shop features

It’s a new year with new beginnings and at Kloeckner we are very excited about the coming year’s innovations. 2019 will see us introduce new digital functionalities to further improve your online experience but in the meantime, let’s remind you what great online shop features are already available:

  • The Kloeckner Marketplace
  • Our Order Overview functionality
  • Role assignment and usage rights
  • Multiple baskets
  • Credit card payments

The Kloeckner Marketplace

The Kloeckner online shop has turned into a marketplace! We are continuously adding new partners to broaden our product portfolio. By adding new products we can cater for all your metal needs on one platform.

Order Overview Tool

Our Order Overview tool gives you access to all documents associated with your orders, whilst also allowing you to check the delivery status of the orders. This function works both for online and offline purchases!

Displayed as a table with filter and sort functionalities this new feature will ease your daily work and help organise and track all your business transactions.

For improved transparency the Order Overview Tool also collects all relevant information connected to your orders and stores it in one central spot, ready for download.

Benefits of our new Order Overview Tool include:

  • Summary of all relevant order information
  • Search function by order number, customer reference or contract creator
  • Filter function by date
  • Document download including order confirmation, delivery notes, certificates and invoices
  • The option to reorder past purchases


Role Allocation and Usage Rights 

Admin, Buyer or Material Manager? It doesn’t matter, you can now define roles and usage rights for individual employees within the Kloeckner online shop. Allocate different roles and responsibilities during purchasing to help structure internal procurement processes.


Create Multiple Baskets 

Create and manage multiple baskets for different projects and orders. This way you can optimise work flows and increase transparency across multiple projects or orders.


We will continue to introduce new features so stay tuned for even more. We aim to make sure your online shopping journey as comfortable as ever.

Log into the Kloeckner online shop today to try out these great new features!

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