Health and Safety at Kloeckner Metals UK

At Kloeckner Metals UK, health and safety (H&S) is extremely important, and we are delighted that it is being supported during Health and Safety Week 2018.

Health and Safety Week runs from Monday the 18th of June to Friday the 22nd of June and helps to generate the conversation around the importance of keeping safe.

Within the workplace, it is paramount to enforce a good work ethic around health and safety to ensure the happiness and security of employees. As a forward-thinking organisation, we like to promote a culture around H&S. Our health and safety process is ever evolving to keep up with current processes and procedures.

Safety at Kloeckner

The main policy statement at Kloeckner is the commitment to put health and safety above anything else. ‘Safety 1st ’ is the fundamental safety initiative that we stand by and we believe the actions carried out to bring this policy to life are what make us as a company stand out.


From a business perspective, health and safety is a necessity for Kloeckner, not only for the well-being and productivity of employees but also with regards to winning new business and drawing up contracts. To win new business, it’s important to be able to show that you have a good health and safety system in place as well as a positive reputation. This, in turn, proves the dedication of your workforce and assurance that there will be no embarrassment further down the line. These standards are the number one choice for the types of business we work with.


To ensure that health and safety is always put first in everything we do, we provide our workforce with a clean and safe working environment, equipment that is maintained and regularly checked, and the tools to report and record defects. This helps with the continuous improvement and evolution of our policies, to keep us up to date with current standards. To further assist our employees, we provide in-depth operation training for all teams. We carry out a rigorous training schedule with our on-site mentors to ensure that our employees are trained to the best standard. Once this has been completed they are obliged to go through refresher training every 3 years to keep up the level of discipline required. There are also training packs provided throughout the whole company so that health and safety knowledge is consistent.

Furthermore, personal protective equipment (PPE) is mandatory during any work where it is applicable. Items such as high vis clothing, hand protection (gloves), hard hats and safety shoes/boots are provided and in some of our locations eye and hearing protection is also required. These are regularly checked to ensure that they are maintained and fit for purpose. With a number of policies and procedures in place here at Kloeckner, we need to make sure that we are constantly improving and developing to secure ourselves as a compliant business. Best practice assessments and
audits are carried out frequently, and any accidents or incidents that have occurred are analysed so that future policies and procedures can be made to prevent reoccurrence and reduce risks. Kloeckner is constantly striving to improve.


To keep ourselves up to date with current procedures we revise our management systems on a regular basis. Currently, we are using OHSAS 18001, but soon we will be changing to ISO 45001. This is very exciting for Kloeckner as we will be one the first companies in the UK to be using this system, further showing our drive to succeed and promote forward-thinking Health and Safety within the workplace.


Our work within health and safety is something Kloeckner Metals UK is very proud of and our Leeds site was recently one of the winners of the British Safety Council’s International Safety Award. These awards recognise organisations who show their commitment to ensuring the safety of workers and protecting them from injury and illness. Looking to the future we want more of our sites to be commended for these qualities.

At Kloeckner, we ultimately aim to make the workplace an accident and incident free environment. Our employees are highly valued and we want to look after them as much as we can by letting them carry out their work effectively and efficiently without any unnecessary hazards. We strive for high standards, peak compliance, and most importantly, safe and happy

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