Increasing use of exposed Westok Cellular beams…

…achieving function as well as aesthetics

The Westok cellular beam is an easily recognisable feature having been utilised across the UK and Ireland since the early 1990’s.

Aside from the functional elements of ‘future proofing’ the building, the Westok cellular beam is becoming a visual feature that many clients are looking to exploit and the growing trend to keep the beams exposed is helping architects to provide the chic, utilitarian look that more and more clients are looking to achieve.

All of this is wrapped up in a service provider that is able to offer CPD seminars, free design service and free analysis and design software. This enables Westok to offer structurally optimised beams that can fulfil a number of uses across multiple sectors.

Commercial / Office buildings

Image courtesy of AirBnB HQ

The use of uniform holes allows not only for the current needs of the MEP strategy to be met, but also keeps a keen eye on the future needs of the building.

Developers often want flexibility to cater for changes in M&E strategy owing to design changes or potentially differing tenant needs across different floors of the same building.

The design brief often focuses on long span, column free space which is where the Westok cellular beam is able to achieve its best results.

Architects and Developers have for some period of time recognised the aesthetic quality of the beam and when installed alongside modern lighting solutions and architectural finishes, the clean modern look can be achieved.


New and innovative approaches such as cross laminated timber (CLT) are becoming more prevalent within the market with more developers looking for the stand out feature that will differentiate their approach.

A recent development at 6 Orsman Road achieved this using pre-cut CLT panels for the internal walls and floor slabs, whilst the super structure was steel.  The integration of both CLT and exposed cellular beams enable a fast, precise construction period as well as greater spans and clear height. The results speak for themselves in what is an open, bright and modern office space.


(Image courtesy of Eye-Kon)

Alternative use…

Whilst the trend for exposed Cellular beams grows in a commercial setting, Westok continue to provide solutions in many other applications.  Stadia, sports halls, retail outlets, car parks to name a few can all be seen using the versatility of the cellular beam.  All of these applications achieve the functional and aesthetic benefits of the exposed Westok Cellular beams.



With over 25 years of manufacturing using our unique and patented ribbon cut process, Westok is best placed in the industry to offer the required solution. If you think we could help you on your next project, we’d love to hear from you, simply get in touch  here.

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