An interview with Kaha Avaliani – Digitalisation

In the final instalment of our interview with Kaha Avaliani we discuss Digitalisation and what 2017 holds in store with regards to this for Kloeckner:


Digitalisation is very high on the Kloeckner’s corporate agenda, especially with the opening of our Digitalisation unit in Berlin. Kloeckneri is a centre for excellence where a team of more than 30 people work towards a more digitalised future for the company and even a steel trading platform for the whole industry.

It’s important that we keep in mind that digitalisation is not only about so called online shops, it’s a lot deeper than that. It drives cultural and mentality change with the aim of making it easier for our customers and suppliers to work with us, galvanising existing relationships and bringing in more opportunities for us and our stakeholders – this is what differentiates us from our competitors.

This process starts from our suppliers as we work to digitalise our supply chain with the EDI and projects that are in place with an aim of going paper-less with our suppliers.

There’s also digitalisation within our internal processes with upgrades to websites, new SAP systems and paperless warehouses to improve internal efficiency and eliminate operational errors.

We are looking into a new generation of ‘lights out’ technologies for our factories and even 3D printing, which means we stand out in an otherwise somewhat conservative industry.

We are also digitalising our logistics through ERP software that will enable us to manage our whole transportation fleet better. This will in turn allow us to reduce waste, reduce emissions and decrease our costs, hence making us more efficient and help us to improve customer satisfaction.

There’s certainly a lot to look forward to in 2017 and our blog, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts are updated regularly with all of Kloeckner Metals UK news. Please follow us for updates as we look forward to a great year ahead.


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