An Interview with Kaha Avaliani – Kloeckner UK’s Culture

As well as developing our external offerings and looking forward, we’re also looking internally at Kloeckner UK’s culture in 2017. Kaha Avaliani’s thoughts on this are shared below:

Kloeckner UK’s Culture

As well as looking at the major industrial sectors to either sustain or penetrate further, we have mentioned that gaining an introspective view is what really allows us to maintain momentum as a company. One of the things the Management Team and I have been trying to do in the past several years is to create a major cultural change within the company.

All of our hard work in entering the automotive, defence and other new sectors, attaining quality approvals and all of the growth we’ve seen not only bears fruit to a bottom line, but it also changes the culture of the organisation to one where each member of staff, no matter their role, has an acute knowledge, understanding and appreciation to the stringent standards we hold to every piece of work undertaken.

Organisationally I think we have made a huge amount of progress from being a very traditional ‘stock high sell cheap’ mentality to being at the forefront of a supply chain, not just supplying our customers with a piece of metal but also providing them with real service and innovative solutions. I think that this is the biggest change that I have observed so far and will continue to in 2017 and beyond.


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