Introducing: 114mm Diameter Passive Safety Post 

Frangible Safety Posts (FSP) and Kloeckner Metals UK have together announced the launch of the 114 mm diameter Passive Safety Post, recognising the demand for this particular diameter of FSP in the market. Along with the launch of this new product, we have also extended our long-term supply agreement for FSP posts in the UK and Ireland.

About Frangible Safety Posts System

The Frangible Safety Posts System was developed to benefit road users; the passive safety system is designed to reduce the fatal consequences of impacts with roadside equipment, which helps save lives. Initially launched in 2009, FSP had spent several years developing and perfecting the technology with a team of technical engineers and research to back up their technology. Constructed from composite materials FSP’s unique, patented design make them the lightest and best performing posts in the market.

Typical installation of an FSP post

A Supply Chain Partner for the Road Network

Kloeckner and FSP Passive Safety Posts range includes:

  • 140 mm diameter,
  • 168 mm diameter,
  • 219 mm diameter and
  • the newly introduced 114 mm diameter.

The 114 mm diameter post was designed in 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, collaboratively by Kloeckner Metals UK and FSP Ltd. The team researched the market in-depth during this period and identified a strong demand for a 114 mm post. Kloeckner supported FSP Ltd in the development of this new product.

“Extending the existing family of FSP diameter products to the 114mm was a demand led initiative from our customers which we were only too happy to focus on and develop during lockdown. The results exceeded all expectations and with the independently verified data, we believe this new 114mm FSP post could be a market leader for its size in passive safety.” – Craig Pyser, Managing Director at FSP Ltd.


Ease of Install

Like other products in the FSP range, this new model is quick and easy to install as it uses standard equipment and techniques. The post is set directly into a concrete foundation or an existing socket, such as the standard steel post, and clipped on to hold it in place. Additionally, the post’s lightness makes it easy to handle and quicker to install as no lifting equipment is required for the installation process. The product also has a tremendous crash-test performance and is currently in stock at Kloeckner Metals UK.

“For its weight, this 114mm FSP profile is simply one of the strongest composite structures we have seen on our test system. It has an astounding resilience. We could barely break the post on the test frame, it can support a phenomenal load for its size. We usually set out to match the bending properties of steel tube at one size below. Incredibly, this FSP 114 profile exceeds the strength of the equivalent 114mm steel profile – at a quarter of the weight!* The novel hybrid construction in this profile brings aerospace and F1 type materials to the roadside – allowing it to stand firm in the wind, but collapse safely on vehicle impact.” – Nigel Finney CEng, MIMech from Hive Composites Ltd

Certification of the Frangible Safety Posts 

The Frangible Safety Posts are produced with the highest safety levels and have achieved the highest ratings for the category through extensive independent testing and the new 114mm FSP post has been classified:

EN12767:2019 Performance Class: 50,70,100:NE:B:S:SE:MD:0

The posts are produced with dual certification to both CE and UKCA. These certifications mean that the posts are compliant with both the UK and European standards, in line with the post-Brexit CE and UKCA regulations, and, as a result, can be used all over Europe and the UK.



‘* figures assumed: FSP 114 x 5mm = 3.2 kg/m, Steel 114 x 5mm = 13.5 kg/m


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