Introducing Kloeckner Direct Orders

Repeat purchasing from Kloeckner Metals UK has never been easier. With the newly introduced Direct Order functionality, customers use a spreadsheet upload system to place an order in under 2 minutes. This system is perfect for customers ordering the same materials from the Kloeckner Online shop, repeatedly and in different quantities. The new feature ensures that they do not have to wait for hours to get a quote, like most other platforms do.

Getting started with the Kloeckner Direct Order could not be easier and simpler. If you are an existing customer, all you will need to do is sign in to the Online Shop using your customer number and email address. If you’re a first-time customer, you will need to register as a new customer through the Online Shop and after you’ve placed your first order, you will be able to use the Direct Order functionality for all repeat purchases in future.

Here’s how the Direct Order function works:

Step 1: Click on My Account on the Kloeckner Metals UK website and select the Direct Order option from the drop-down menu.

Step 2: Download the Excel-Import Template.

Step 3: Open the Excel-Import Template and fill in the article number and quantities required and save the changes. You will have to prepare this template only once.

Step 4: Head back to the Kloeckner Metals UK Direct Order page, click on the Import Articles via .xls or .csv File option and upload your updated Excel-Import Template with your article numbers and quantities required.

Step 5: The Kloeckner Metals UK system will pull the data from the uploaded Excel-Import Template and automatically add the items in the required quantities to your basket ready for you to checkout. At that stage you can amend quantities if needed.



Benefits of Using the Kloeckner Direct Order for Repeat Purchases:

The Kloeckner Direct Order functionality offers various benefits for customers looking to order the same materials in different quantities over a period of time. They are as follows:

1. Save time

The Kloeckner Direct Order reduces the time of transaction as the price for the frequently purchased items remains the same for each order. This saves the customer the time required to acquire a quote before each purchase.

2. Available 24/7

The Kloeckner Direct Order is available 24/7 for placing any sort of repeat order as the entire process can be carried out with just a few clicks.

3. Eliminate Manual Processes

The Kloeckner Direct Order eliminates the manual process of asking for a quote for each repeat order, simplifying the process and reducing the steps and back and forth communication.

4. Quick and easy order

The Kloeckner Direct Order makes the process of repeat purchasing quick and easy for all future transactions, no matter the quantity.

With the help of the new Direct Order functionality and our Online Shop, we hope that your material purchasing has never been quicker and easier! Try it for yourself today at


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