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Supplying Excellence: Kits of Parts for Modular Building Frames

Kloeckner’s Ability to Offer Kits of Parts for Modular Building Frames

Being part of the official supply chain for the Seismic I and Seismic II models, Kloeckner is able to supply kits of parts for modular building frames. We can offer clients use of our extensive laser-cutting facilities – both tube and flatbed laser – allowing tight tolerances to be met. We have also invested into two Ficep CNC-cutting machines:  Endeavour - a section processing machine and Gemini - a plate processing machine.  These enable us to cut beams and columns and produce plate fittings to provide kits of parts. Furthermore, we can offer our clients additional cutting and drilling services on cambered asymmetric beams supported by thermally cut fittings with tight tolerances.

To serve the modular industry better, we have also established a modular processing cell in Dudley in the Midlands. At this facility we are able to offer extensive tube laser processing capabilities, an automated inspection line and bespoke kitting. It has been specifically designed to process high-volume production of products with close tolerances and complex geometries. 

Processed on Gemini plate processing machine

Kloeckner’s Expertise in Tube Laser Cutting

Kloeckner Metals UK is equipped to support businesses with varying modular build requirements thanks to the scope and scale of our tube laser technology. This, coupled with our dedicated modular processing cell, brings together our knowledge and expertise and allows us to offer the sector unrivalled support.

Kloeckner has invested in two LT14 tube lasers and seven smaller tube lasers to serve the industry better. The LT14 Jumbo lasers are capable of processing parts up to 355 mm in diameter and weight up to 100 kg/m. They can also process hollow section tubes, beams, columns, split tees, angles and channels. Each laser has a 4.5 KW Rofin CO2 laser source with the ability to laser cut 20 mm-thick mild steel and weld prep 16 mm-thick mild steel material up to 45 degrees. These capabilities make the LT14 lasers suitable for processing the requirements of the modular industry.

Our CAD team utilise the latest versions of Solidworks and Artube 3 CAD software, which is capable of importing full 3D models/assemblies including IFC files (Tekla), STEP, IGES and X_T. Our team of in-house experts have a combined total of 30 years’ experience in tube laser cutting and will be happy to liaise with customers if parts cannot be produced in order to find a solution to fit the customer’s requirements.

Processing hollow sections, beams, columns, split tees, angles and channels

Catering to the Specific Needs of the Modular Build Industry

Kloeckner supplies parts in kit form so that they can be easily configured to suit the specific requirements of each client. These products can also feature directional etching, wall numbers and additional markings for easy identification on site.

In addition to components for floor, wall, ceiling and roof modular structures, we also supply:

  • Machined shim plates
  • Hot Dipped Galvanised slit coil for rolled sections 

Joanna Durber, Key Account Manager


Our Experience with Modular Companies

Our modular team, alongside a dedicated Key Account Manager, Joanna Durber, are highly experienced and can help companies in the infancy stage to deal with the necessary design adjustments. 

Joanna Durber added: “Our team can offer complete project management support and help clients develop the best solutions through discussion and insight on necessary improvements.

At Kloeckner, we understand supplying products for modular construction requires advanced organisational knowledge and specific process controls to enable successful delivery. Optimal Modular products demand a continuous process of product appraisal and process control that we at Kloeckner Metals UK can provide for our clients.”

Sustainability at Kloeckner

For those focused on sustainability, Kloeckner also follows sustainable practices and is committed to the UN Global Compact ‘Business Ambition for 1.5 Degrees C’. Learn more about our sustainability initiatives here.

Get in touch with our modular team for further information and to discuss your specific requirements. 

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