Kloeckner – A Supply Chain Partner for the UK Rail Sector

The rail sector is essential as a means of public transport as well as a method of freight. Before the current events, the number of people in the UK using rail transport increased rapidly, compared to coaches and buses. Since 2000, the demand for rail has seen a constant increase in the UK. Rail freight accounted for 9% of all domestic freight moved in the UK in 2017. Rail freight also offers a more sustainable way to transport goods as it emits 76% less CO2 compared with road freight.

Kloeckner here for the Rail Sector

At Kloeckner Metals UK, we understand the need for a trusted supply chain partner in the rail industry to keep the rail network running safely and efficiently. We serve several market sectors across the rail industry such as Rail network & infrastructure, rail stations, electrification and rolling stock. Here is an overview of the products and services we offer for use by the rail industry:

Available rail products and their applications

With 60000 tonnes of stock our comprehensive range includes: Tubular, Heavy Section, Plates, Merchant Bars, Sign products, Stainless steel including Duplex, Organically Coated Steels, Aluminium, Composites and Bi-metallic materials. 


Products Infrastructure Stations Rolling stock Overhead line equipment
Steel – Beams / Sections / Merchant Bars / Hollow Sections

Plates / Strip Mill / Aluzinc / Pre-Painted Steels

Stainless Steel – Sheets / Extrusions / Tubes / Sections / Merchant Bars  

Aluminium – Sheets / Extrusions / Tubes / Sections / Merchant Bars  


Signage products


Bi—metallic materials    



In-house processing capabilities

Kloeckner’s in-house processing capabilities bring many economic benefits to our customers when it comes to assembly of mechanical sections. We are renowned for our capacity to process large volumes of project work and provide ‘kits’ of parts ready for assembly whilst also being able to service contractual work and repetitive requirements.

Our extensive processing portfolio includes tube & flat laser cutting, water jet cutting, bending and section rolling, shot blasting & painting, sawing & drilling, de-coiling & slitting as well as decoiling Aluminium to length.

Our Approach to Serving the Rail Industry

We understand the need for quality, safety and sustainability in the rail sector. Here is an overview of our approach to serving our customers in the rail industry


Delivering quality products & digital solutions is at the heart of Kloeckner business. The team at Kloeckner are aware of the importance of maintaining company certifications and are committed to ensuring out management systems and processes are up to the highest standards. Click here to view our certificates

Safety First

We understand the need to prioritise safety in the rail industry. At Kloeckner, our principles, values and behaviours are aligned to a safety-first culture. We are an ISO 45001 certified and operate a zero drug and alcohol policy for all our employees. We are proud that we have excellent health and safety record and quality record, and one that often results in returning customers. All of this helps us in being a suitable supply chain partner for the rail sector.


We understand the need for being carbon smart and reducing environmental impact in the rail industry. As a business, we are committed to being a responsible and sustainable supply chain partner.

Dedicated Teams

We strive to develop partnerships, assisting you in creating a more efficient supply chain. With dedicated account managers for the rail industry, you can be assured that your enquiries are handled by specialists in the organisation with experience in working with the rail industry.

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