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UN estimates that the world population will rise to 9.7 billion by 2050, with 2/3rd of people living in urban areas by 2050. As the population and urbanisation are set to increase in the future, energy demand is also set to rise in the future. With demand for energy growing twice as fast, clean energy such as Nuclear energy is essential. It is estimated today; Nuclear energy provides 1/3rd of the world’s low-carbon electricity. A vast majority of reports indicate the importance of nuclear power in the years to come as an environmentally friendly method of producing a reliable energy source in the future. Read on to learn more on Fit4Nuclear

Nuclear Energy in Numbers

  •  21% of the UK’s electricity was generated through Nuclear Power
  • Nuclear Power currently provides 10 per cent of the world’s electricity supply 
  • Nuclear energy makes up 18% of the energy in OECD countries

Not only is the nuclear sector important from a carbon footprint standpoint, but it also demonstrates economic advantages. The nuclear sector employees around 60,000 individuals in the UK. However, the nuclear sector is not without its challenges; immense precautions have to be taken when operating a nuclear plant. The major challenge for nuclear plants is ensuring safety. Safety is a crucial concern both from natural factors as well as external factors. In addition, waste management is also critical in the nuclear sector.

Suppliers, Stakeholders and Staff all have to adhere to precise specifications. As a supplier, nuclear safety is of the utmost importance at Kloeckner UK. Here is a look into Kloeckner’s approach to Nuclear Safety


We are delighted to announce, Nuclear AMR has certified Kloeckner UK as Fit4Nuclear. F4N is a unique service, developed by Nuclear AMRC (University of Sheffield) to help UK manufacturing companies get ready to bid for work in the nuclear supply chain. It lets companies measure their operations against standards required to supply the nuclear industry – in new build, operations and decommissioning.

Throughout the assessment process, Kloeckner’s Blackburn site was supported by F4N Industry Advisor John Olver, who reviewed a wide range of processes and procedures and suggested improvements.

John Olver F4N advisor: “Kloeckner Blackburn has been on its F4N journey for three years. In that time, the extra resource has been provided in a focused manner and substantial training undertaken to ensure a SQEP workforce, effective communication and introduction of a Lean philosophy. There is clearly a strong commitment from the business and all its employees towards a Nuclear Safety Culture and ongoing continuous improvement.”


Steve Tyrer Kloeckner Metals UK Business Development Manager Nuclear: “Kloeckner’s F4N journey has been an extremely positive one with our successful award as a result of a collaborative approach between both our Blackburn Operations and Commercial teams. This certificate is in recognition of Kloeckner’s strong drive towards continuous improvement and will greatly assist us in our journey into Nuclear new build, as many tier I contractors recognise F4N as an important qualification to identify new potential suppliers.”

To find out more about how Kloeckner work with the Nuclear Sector, contact our team here 


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