Kloeckner Metals UK – A Greener Fleet

Kloeckner Metals UK lease all our company car fleet through Hitachi Vehicle solutions, with a current fleet average of 116 vehicles which is reviewed quarterly to assess contract performance, contract fulfillment & contract development.

One element within this remit which is high on Kloeckner’s agenda is that of CO2 emissions – the higher the CO2 emissions the larger the Carbon footprint and, in turn, the higher the bill for both employers and employees.

As part of our quarterly review Hitachi have started to monitor the effect of our fleet on the environment. This has enabled Kloeckner UK to make decisions on the scope of the company car fleet; we have been able to put CO2 caps and restrictions on company vehicles, without reducing the quality of vehicle available for staff to choose from.

kloeckner-carbon-emissionsWith the average CO2 emissions per vehicle falling year on year and an estimated reduction of 103 Tonnes CO2 emissions since 2013, not only are Kloeckner operating amongst Hitachi’s Best in Class fleet, we have outperformed the UK average by 10% (*Source: SMMT New Car CO2 report)’


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