Kloeckner Metals UK: The Complete Supply Chain Solution for Facades and Cladding

At Kloeckner Metals UK, we have a comprehensive range of solutions for customers who use our products for architectural, building and construction applications. For high end architectural applications such as facades and claddings, we can offer several flexible options and additional services all under one roof.

Placing a great emphasis on quality in the supply chain, we make sure all our products are fully compliant with best in surface finish and performance. With strict chemical and mechanical demands, we supply the highest quality product fit for purpose.

Kloeckner Metals UK has a unique offering within this market with a full product and processing package. We have five key products ranges, each with their own benefits and individual properties. Across our UK sites, we can also guillotine, water jet cut, laser cut and provide bespoke shape solutions with CNC Router from any material, quickly.

Discover the five key product ranges and our processing abilities below.

Cor-Ten® weathering steel sheet

Used on several famous buildings and statues such as the Angel of The North, Cor-Ten® is a weathering steel offering a unique, orange rust effect which is increasingly popular with architects today. The main benefit of using this product is its consistent finish and there’s no need for corrosion resistant coatings.

We stock Cor-Ten® in sheet and plate form and can process the material through water jet cutting and laser cutting, shaping it in to bespoke sizes for any requirement.


High quality anodising aluminium sheet

High quality anodising aluminium sheet is a light weight material which can be turned into any colour. Sheets in the raw state are sent to an anodisers of your choice to be coloured to any colour specification.

Our quality supply route is one of the unique value propositions we are able to offer when using this product range. There is a demand for very tight tolerance on the chemical and mechanical properties on this product which exceed the industry standard. As the production process is tightly controlled, the finish is consistent and there are no differences within the finishes between batches or casts.

High quality anodising aluminium can also be processed here at Kloeckner by laser cutting, water jet cutting and press forming.


Full range of composites

We can provide a range of aluminium composite products in a multitude of colours and textures including leather and wood effects. The benefit of composite products is that they are light weight and an ideal solution for when there is a requirement to have cladding higher up on a building.

As a bonded product, composites are produced to tight standard requirements within the manufacturing process including specifications for the composition of the plastic and the demanding requirements for fire resistance.

At Kloeckner, we not only specify this product for external applications such as building facades and street signs but also for internal applications such as interior pillars in shopping centres or lifts. We will shortly have the ability to process composites on our CNC Router, meaning we can cut this product in any shape required.


Full range of stainless steels

If a customer is looking for a different more reflective finish, we can offer polished stainless steel sheets in a variety of finishes. As a slightly heavier, long life product, this is regularly used for building cladding, commercial signs and in retailer and catering specifications.

We have capabilities to process stainless steel sheets by laser cutting, guillotine, water jet cutting, and press forming to the desired shape.


Organically Coated Steels

At Kloeckner we also offer a variety of pre-painted steel products including Plastisol, Granite HDX, Woodgrain Laminate and Aluzinc which can be used in many combinations with other metals for facades and cladding. These products provide flexibility in aesthetics, design as well as long term performance, thermal and acoustic insulation.


No matter how complex the project is, we can offer alternative materials in solid metals to fully complement textured composites direct from the world leading mill producers or from our extensive stock range. Processed ready for application or in sheet form we have a solution for you!

With our high-quality products and onsite processing ability, we can offer our customers a fully flexible solution with cost savings and shorter lead times due to simplified supply chain.

Get in touch today for an informal chat or to request a quote at enquiries@kloeckner.com

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