Kloeckner Metals UK employees take on the London Marathon!

With just 4 weeks to go until the London Marathon we caught up with 3 inspirational members of the Kloeckner team who are currently training to take part and raise money for their amazing chosen charities!

Matt Fowler, Operations Excellence Manager, Jamie Archer, Operations Manager and Elizabeth Yeo, Internal Sales Representative are the stars taking part.

Here at Kloeckner we are constantly ‘striving to achieve the best’ and this is very much reflected in Jamie, Matt and Elizabeth as they take on this challenge. All 3 are training hard and pushing their bodies to the limits for great causes, so we thought the least we can do is honour them to the world and give them all the support they deserve.

We got the chance to pick their brains and find out more about them and their decision to take on the Marathon!


What made you decide to take on the London Marathon this year? 

Matt: I have been trying to get into the London Marathon for 6 years. I have watched it ever since I was a child and it is a definite bucket list run for me. I managed to finally get a ballot place this year.

Jamie: I have always kept active throughout my life and enjoyed it. I have taken on 7 Tough Mudders and loved them, so to take on the London Marathon and raise some money for charity in the process really appeals to me. I am no stranger to charity sport events I have recently been involved in golf events which I enjoy and netball and football charity games with my children.

Elizabeth: I turned 30 this year and wanted to give myself the ultimate challenge of running a marathon. I’ve participated in many half marathons, but the London Marathon has always been on my bucket list.


What are your chosen charities and is there any particular reason why you have chosen them?

Matt: The Jane Tomlinson Appeal is a charity that I am very passionate about. The story of a local woman, her battle against cancer and her extraordinary achievements and inspiration. The reasons are varied, I guess. Born and raised in Kippax, a very short distance from Rothwell where Jane lived, I knew of Jane’s fight against cancer through local press and their reports on the many challenges she took on. I was not a runner then, but the community spirit is strong, and you always get a sense of pride from her achievements.

Jamie: I have been a loyal donator to the NSPCC, and I have regularly donated once a month for at least 10 years. I appreciate all the work the NSPCC do, they are a reliable charity and they wouldn’t have been around helping children for so long if they weren’t. So naturally I thought that this time, I will make a large donation raised through the amazing support I have received.

Elizabeth: My chosen charity is CLIC Sargent which raises money for young people & their families who have cancer.  Cancer charities are very close to my heart after losing my dad to cancer in 2008. As a family we have raised money for Cancer Research and Macmillan keeping his memory alive so supporting another cancer charity is in his memory.




Do you have a fundraising target?

Matt: I raised over £5,000 last year by running from Blackpool to Scarborough for The Jane Tomlinson Appeal. 135 miles over 4 days. This year I have set a smaller target of £500 as asking the same people is difficult but they are always very supportive.

Jamie: My target is £2,200 to the NSPCC, I believe I will beat this target and raise a potential £2,500 if the fantastic support continues.

Elizabeth: £2,000


Any training / preparation tips and advice for other runners wanting to take part or taking part in the challenge?

Matt: Probably the best advice is to listen to your body. Over training or running when injured is not good and always do your longer runs in the kit you are running the race in.

Jamie: My advice would be to find a pair of running shoes that work for you and wear them in before the race. I have gone through 5 pairs of shoes during my training. Also make sure you don’t over-push yourself. However, when it comes to race day, I am finishing no matter what.

Elizabeth: Believe you can do it! Put the hard work in before the race, all the early morning stormy runs will be worth it in the end. It’s amazing to see the training plan working, running mileage I never thought I could do.


Have there been any foods, supplements or mid-run snacks that have helped you during your training?

Matt: I always struggle with re-fuelling on long runs. I have found the Lucozade energy tablets are good and surprisingly Rich Tea Biscuits are now my go-to-fuel which helped on my Coast-to-Coast run.

Jamie: I am a big fan of the gels for a mid-run boost. However, I can’t keep running whilst I eat, I’d have to stop for a minute to help my digestion. I have found that jelly babies are also a great little pick me up during a run, easy to eat too. I have been eating plenty of fruit and this has replaced the junk food I was previously craving.

Elizabeth: Haribo Tangfastics have been amazing!


What do the final four weeks of training look like to you?

Matt: My final Long Run is this weekend which will be around the 18/20 miles mark. I then have a Lincoln 10K race on the 7th April and Sheffield Half Marathon on the 14th. I will do smaller taper runs around those races in the lead up to the marathon but no longer than 8 miles long to keep the legs from turning over.

Jamie: I am currently doing a light run every other day to avoid injury and keep my fitness up. I have some upcoming charity sport events with my children which will keep me active too. I am hoping the support keeps coming in and I surpass my funding target, that would be amazing.

Elizabeth: I’ve got one longer run to do of 22 miles which my 9 year old niece and 8 year old nephew are joining me for on their bikes – they are great at keeping me going and cheering me on.

I’m then looking forward to tapering and carb loading before the big day!


We wish Matt, Elizabeth and Jamie all the luck in the world, but hearing all about their commitment, hard work and persistence we don’t think they’ll need it!

Follow their progress using our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and give them loads of support! The link for the donation pages is below, please give what you can for these amazing causes.


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