Kloeckner Metals UK is now BES 6001 Certified

Kloeckner Metals UK have now obtained BES 6001 certification for Responsible Sourcing of Construction Products. This certification will help us ensure and prove all our products have been made using constituent materials that has been responsibly sourced to be sustainable.

Kevin Maddison, Kloeckner Metals UK Group Quality Manager, says, “We are incredibly proud of this new certification as it reflects Kloeckner & Co’s ongoing commitment of improving its environmental and social impact. The new BES 6001 standard gives our customers the further assurance that materials are of high-quality and sourced responsibly from ethical companies.”

What is BES 6001?

With the Government increasing its focus on sustainable development, construction companies are realising the need to build with sustainability in mind. One element of this is through ensuring that products used in their construction – all the way from raw materials to final products – are responsibly sourced. The responsibility of assuring this, is therefore being passed down to the manufacturers of these construction products.

The BRE (Building Research Establishment) standard BES 6001 specifies requirements for the organisational management, supply chain management and management of sustainability issues to allow organisations to demonstrate their commitment to responsible sourcing and sustainability.

BES 6001 will provide a framework against which products may be assessed and will have criteria for the organisation to manage the supply of products according to a set of decided principles of sustainability. This will give a route to the certification of products.

The requirements and associated actions have been structured into three standard components of which include Organisational Management Requirements (which entails Policies and Management Systems), Supply Chain Management Requirements and Requirements created to the management of sustainable development. This includes operational responsibility for Greenhouse gas emissions, resources, energy use, waste prevention and waste management, water abstraction and or usage, lifecycle assessment, ecotoxicity, transport impacts, employment and skills, local communities, and business ethics.

Why is BES 6001 Certification important?

Assessment and certification against the requirements of BES 6001 allows the organisation to prove that their products are responsibly sourced and adds credibility to any claims made by them in this regard.

In addition, the certificate helps with:

  • Giving clear guidance to the sustainability aspects that need to be addressed while choosing a supplier and manufacturing of construction products.
  • It gives confidence to the brand, customers and stakeholders that the products they are using are being responsibly sourced and are sustainable.
  • Increased opportunity and prospects in the competitive market against those without the certification.
  • Helping to make informed decisions while choosing suppliers.
  • Improvement in social and environmental performance.
  • The promotion of responsibility while sourcing products.

Environmental Impact

With pressure on global resources and a need to meet the demands of a growing population, environmental and social sustainability must be made a priority. With the BES 6001 certification, this can be ensured by sourcing products from those with this certification. In turn, the suppliers can prove sustainable practices with the certificate.

Impact on Customers

The new BES 6001 certificate adds the sustainability advantage to Kloeckner customers as it helps to contribute to their sustainability efforts. Furthermore clients and stakeholders can now be confident of the ethical and responsible approach by the company in its sourcing and operations.


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