Kloeckner Westok value added services go above and beyond beam manufacture

Working hand in hand with a steelwork contractor James Killelea and consulting engineer WSP|PB, the Westok team used their expertise in design and value engineering to deliver the optimal cellular beam solution for the headquarters for the online gambling company bet365 in Stoke-on-Trent, UK.

Westok beams form an integral element of the three-storey building, as they create the long internal floor and roof spans for the structure (up to 18m in places), and accommodate all of the structure’s services within the depth of the beam.

Kloeckner Westok provided value engineering at a crucial time of the design process. Kloeckner Westok’s Design Team Leader John Callanan explains, “At Westok, we’re always keen to ensure that the most economical cellular beam design solution is adopted. We responded to the design team’s request to undertake value engineering by hosting a multi-disciplinary design workshop at our head office in Leeds. The drivers were the need to generate cost savings, while ensuring that the intricate current and future service requirements of the building were satisfied. Time was short and steel fabrication was imminent”.

Westok’s value engineering solution was adopted, and this resulted in more than 350t of Westok cellar beams being used.


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