Kloeckner within the Yellow Goods industry

At Kloeckner Metals UK we are known for being the largest mill independent multi-metal stockholder and distributor in the UK. We offer innovative value-added services and use our industry expertise to give our clients the highest level of service and products available. As a forward-thinking company, we are always looking to expand and utilise different aspects of our long-standing experience and industry knowledge.

Later this month, Kloeckner are attending the Hillhead Exhibition in Buxton. This event is a hub of ground-breaking industry exhibits – something we cannot wait to be a part of! For us, the Hillhead Exhibition is a chance to promote our new processes and services that sit alongside our multi-metal distribution. It is a great platform in which we can communicate directly with our customers and designers to find out the issues they are experiencing, whilst demonstrating how Kloeckner can assist their business. Ultimately, we will have the opportunity to show that we can make the designing and implementation of Yellow Goods and machinery much easier.

The main sectors covered at the Hillhead Exhibition will be Construction, Quarrying and Recycling. Kloeckner Metals UK are currently widening into these sectors so that customers are able to take advantage of our expertise in processing and innovation.

Quarrying, Recycling & Construction:

Within Quarrying, Recycling and Construction customers need wear-resistant material. We can supply material of Hardox equivalent including 400HBW, 450HBW, S690 and RQT701.

Machinery within these industries needs to be robust enough to survive the rigours of daily site work. Abrasion resistant material is also key, especially for aspects such as the buckets or jaws of a machine.

We are able to offer Hot-Rolled and Reversing Mill Plate in a market leading range of steel grades and sizes both as full plate or as profiled parts.


Processing Capabilities:

To compliment this stock, we also offer High Definition Plasma and Oxy-Fuel Profiling processes at our Plates & Profiles centre in Durham. Our HD plasma profiling machines offer large area cutting with a high level of accuracy up to 80mm thick, along with our Oxy-fuel process which cuts plate up to 200mm thick. The plasma and Oxy-fuel cutting service are complimented by on-site drilling and edge preparation capabilities, known as bevelling.

Following significant investment in machinery and handling equipment, we have established profiling operations allowing us to offer both volume and small batch profiling and a competitive lead time, meaning we are able to fulfil your requirements.

Our stock profile also includes steel sections which can be used to make tough, heavy duty frames and are abrasion resistant. This is beneficial as we can ensure the parts required for machinery are much more durable. Steel sections can be processed with our LT14 Tube Laser by adding complicated chamfers and weld preparations to the material. This is a very labour-intensive operation for our customers to have to complete in house.

Our recently acquired LT14 Tube Laser is a very exciting development for Kloeckner because we now have processing capabilities to better serve our customers. Located at our Dudley site we can process hollow sections, beams, columns, angles, channels, and split tees up to 355mm round and 15.5m in length. We pride ourselves on this bespoke service as it is not widely available due to the impressive 15.5m processing length. This size can assist with a variety of specific jobs like processing angles and channels that our customers in the aforementioned sectors require. You can find out more about the LT14 Tube Laser here.

Other processes we offer to assist within quarrying, recycling and construction industries also include flatbed laser and folding facilities. Located at our Blackburn site this extremely versatile process allows us to carry out volume and small batch work orders for our customers.


Looking toward the future, Kloeckner Metals UK want to continue their work within the Yellow Goods sector providing processing solutions and high-quality materials. As the largest multi-metal stockholder and distributor in the UK, we are renowned for our work in many sectors.

To find out how we can help you and your business, contact us here.

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