Learning & Development High Up On Kloeckner’s Agenda

A great L&D offering is an essential component of any reputable company. A robust people development strategy can provide a competitive advantage in the battle to attract talent as well as providing the essential service of upskilling and retaining the existing workforce. 

James Moffatt Kloeckner Metals UK

We interviewed James Moffatt, Kloeckner Group Head of Learning & Development. He spoke to us about the various bespoke L&D programmes that Kloeckner group offers, with the aim of exceeding the expectations of its workforce and supporting the global digitalisation strategy. 

Digital Academy

Kloeckner’s digitalisation strategy involves a profound cultural change within the company and industry. Our people should not only understand the digitalisation strategy, they should also know the value of it and how they can contribute to the achievement of our ambitious goals. To facilitate this, we offer Digital Academy online training courses to make our people fit for the digital age.

Emerging Leaders Programme

The Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) is Kloeckner’s group-wide talent program. It develops and provides future candidates for senior management and department head positions. They are trained to be pioneers and role models, driving our strategy forward and taking their people on a journey.

People Management Training

People management is often the most challenging aspect of the managerial role. These programmes are designed to provide candidates with a firm foundation in people management skills, the course will explore a variety of proven tools and techniques that will help the candidates successfully manage and lead people. 

Talent Pool

The Talent Pool is a structured development programme for future leaders identified as part of the succession plan. As with the ELP, it is about readying them for the next step although into a first line management position. That being said, the skills taught in this programme have proved useful to managers and leaders at all levels in the organisation.

Supervisor Development Programme

The role of Supervisor at Kloeckner is one of the most important roles we have, with it comes a great deal of responsibility. It is therefore only right that we ensure people are equipped with the necessary communication skills to ensure they can effectively manage the welfare of employees, performance, operational efficiency, service levels and the profitability of the business.

1-2-1 coaching

1-2-1 dedicated coaching is available to develop individuals who show potential and need rapid development. This may be due to an urgent need for them to step up to higher role or if they were promoted earlier and need development ‘in role’ for whatever reason.

Vocational programmes

These programmes develop skills and knowledge relevant to a particular job role. Subjects include sales, customer service excellence, communication skills, effective presenting and many more.

If our L&D department had a motto it would simply be, “Passionate about developing people”. There has never been more demand for training and development. In the last 5 years, we held over 50 internal training programmes to over 500 people incorporating 1500 training days, whilst also offering programmes that provide internationally recognised qualifications, such as LEAN, ILM and others.

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