Learning and Development is at the Forefront at Kloeckner Metals UK

At Kloeckner Metals UK, we believe in developing our people and putting them first. Be it through our focus on safety in the workplace or by providing constant opportunities for learning and development of our employees, we treat our people as a top priority. At Kloeckner we believe that the only way we can achieve our goals is through our talented employees. So we focus on investing in their development and well-being, helping them create and maintain a work-life balance, ensuring their safety, creating opportunities for growth and advancement within the company and creating an inclusive work culture.


One important programme we have at Kloeckner is our Learning and Development programme. With this, we offer various courses and training to help our employees learn and develop their skills further so that they can achieve their potential. The programmes we offer focus on different areas, including job-related programmes (sales, leadership, customer service, supervisor), individual programmes (communication skills, one-to-one coaching), bespoke and generic programmes (HR essentials, Equality and Diversity, Graduates) and external learning (Apprenticeships and non-funded qualifications). We also have an in-house Digital Academy that offers further development via courses such as Navigating through digital landscapes, Digital leadership, Artificial Intelligence, Design Thinking for tomorrow, E-business licence, Coding 1, 2 & 3, Agile working and many more.

Here is what our employees have to say about the learning and development programme at Kloeckner:

Robert Brien – UK Head of Operations & Logistics

“Kloeckner are real investors in People with global strength and local knowledge. I personally have benefited from the fantastic training & development packages taking me from the shop floor of the warehouse through operational management to a place within the country’s senior leadership team. People development is in the culture at Kloeckner.”


Helen Shaw – Head of Digital Transformation

“As an ambitious person who enjoys the challenge of learning new skills, continuous personal development and career progression have always been key factors for achieving job satisfaction. Kloeckner’s culture, and learning and development offerings were what initially attracted me to join the team and are the reason I’m still here ten years later. Working at Kloeckner has enabled me to develop a rewarding career across multiple facets of the business at increasingly senior levels and work with some really great people in a refreshing culture that embraces innovation and change.”

Paul Briars – Group IT Manager

“I started work as a commercial trainee in 2003 with no experience in the industry or of working in an office. I was trained in business processes and moved sideways and upwards several times over the following years. By 2009 I was working as an operations manager of a medium-sized facility when I was accepted on to the company’s academy programme. At the end of the programme I had learned a variety of new skills, made new friends, and achieved a level 5 NVQ in management. This achievement supported my next big step in 2010 to General Manager of the second largest facility in the company. Today I am the IT manager for the country and I continue being supported in this role by L&D, becoming a Prince2 practitioner and receiving excellent coaching from our group L&D manager.”

Muhammad Sidat – Digital Business Support

“I joined the company two years ago through their apprenticeship programme as a digital sales administrator. During this time I have been enrolled in the Level 3 Business development administration course and developed my skills through internal CLEAR sales training. I took advantage of online Digital Academy courses which have also helped me to progress through the company into my current role in our digital department.”

Sarah Crumpton – Group Administration Manager

“I recently attended the Customer Service Excellence training. Part of the course that has helped me the most is where we put ourselves in the other person’s shoes. I feel that this has helped me to empathise more with the customers, and I understand their frustrations when things do not go exactly to plan. It’s important to listen fully to what they have to say without interruptions and give them reassurance that you will deal with their issue in a timely manner.”

Martyn Pitt – IT Support

“I enrolled in the People managers’ course and since then I have been talking to people from various roles across the company as well as outside Kloeckner. The training we did helped me understand the mindset and situations of individuals and how best to communicate the help I was providing.”


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