Misrepresentation of Kloeckner

Kloeckner Metals UK have been made aware of a number of bogus e-mails, letters, faxes and LinkedIn details which have been received by individuals around the globe that claim to be from Kloeckner Metals UK or from our employees. It appears that they are part of a scam, coordinated by an unknown person, or persons, using our name and company details illegally and without agreement.

If you have received such a communication, we strongly advise that you do not respond or communicate further with the sender, either ignoring it or reporting it to the relevant authorities. Before you place any order or send any payment to anyone purporting to be Kloeckner Metals UK please make sure you are actually dealing with us. The easiest way to achieve that is to either place the order online https://shop.kloeckner.co.uk/ or send us an enquiry through our official website https://www.kloecknermetalsuk.com/contact/

Alternatively please give us a call on 0113 254 0711 and we will put you through to the relevant sales person.


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